August 29, 2008

Back Home

Well, we got Jeff home safe and sound last night! He is so worn out! Not as bad as I thought he would be though. Maybe it just doesn't seem that way because we are in a hurry to get things in the laundry, packed & in the car this afternoon. He went ahead & went to work...silly thing! I would've stayed home. He said he had a million emails he needed to respond to soooo, he's there until noon! We went to the birthday party after picking Jeff up from the airport. It was at a large park here in Tulsa. It was so fun....short & sweet. That was nice. It was a little hot but, the kids didn't seem to mind it. It was tolerable for the adults, too. Jacob is so handsome! Addie & Will are sure growing up, too! Jacob and the other kids were so busy that I didn't get very many pictures at all! They were more interested in playing that taking pictures (imagine that!!). We got home and the rush began.....laundry, packing, catching up...Jeff was telling me stories all night about his trip. He did mention that I would not have eaten the entire time if I was over there. He said the food was super hot. I wouldn't have liked it. I asked him if he ate anything strange. He simply replied, "Probably." He was doing the "don't ask" mentality when he was eating. He said there was no telling what all he ate. He was scared to find out. They seem to eat a lot of fish & seafood and rice. I always thought they ate noodles more than rice. My bad! I saw a few pics last night of a beautiful sunset but, honestly didn't have time to sit & look at them. I will have to do that today. When we return from our trip, I'll upload pictures for you all to see. We are geared up and excited!! We leave for Branson today. The kids are pumped! They can't wait. I sure enjoy going because it seems to be so laid back for us. We are going to Silver Dollar City, Dixie Stampede and who knows what else. I finished my first Twilight book and am anxious to start the 2nd one. I bought it yesterday with hopes to start it last night...yeah right! I guess maybe after vacation I will be able to read it & get to the 3rd pretty fast! I hope all are well in my life! Blog at ya later!

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