September 8, 2008

Lazy Weekend

At least for me!! I really didn't do much of anything this weekend except take Hannah to a football game to cheer and go to church all day Sunday. That was it for me! Jeff, on the other hand, was kept very busy with rebuilding the structure under our home at the North corner. He bit off a little more than he wanted!! It took him FOREVER!!! I think he thought it would be a lot quicker & easier than what it was. Sunday, after church, we went to eat with our "usual" group. We all made plans to go to Shogun's to celebrate 3 of the guys' birthdays. There are 3 in our group that have birthdays at the end of September. Soooo, we already made plans and will have a dinner date with several friends & NO KIDS on the 20th. I am so excited & ready for good food from Shogun's. I'll have to make sure and get plenty of pics to post & share with you all! Really having a struggle today with the idea of being away from my kids & working. I go through this every few years. I go through a lot of guilt and wonder why I am working away from the kids. It's something that I deal with a lot more than I let on. We'll see what happens in the future! Who knows?? Well, enough of that! I'll get teary eyed if I keep on!!! Hope all is well with everyone! Till later!

September 4, 2008

Cold Weather

Ever realize how ungrateful we are? We tend to complain about's too hot's too cold outside! I recently realized after the gloomy, rainy day yesterday that there is always something wrong with the weather outside. It just seems hard to find that happy contented medium. Oh well! What kind of a world would it be if everyone walked around content?? To me maybe a little boring!
The rain has gotten me down & tired! I still honestly haven't rested up from our short vacation. It was a whirlwind and so enjoyable! Tonight I have nothing going on -- WOO HOO!! I can actually sit and do nothing (maybe!!).
We all went to church last night & enjoyed seeing my church family. Hannah and Andrew had their classes and youth service & we all went home, did homework & grabbed a bowl of cereal. Really a pretty easy day if I do say so myself. Hannah had cheer practice right after school until 4:30 so, it wasn't too much after she got home that we turned around to go to church. Kind of a rush!! Andrew and I had an hour to kill so, we sat in the parking lot of the church and learned the rest of his memorization for Kidz Xplosion! That's their new Wednesday night kids church program! It's really cool!!
This weekend is an OU game and I won 4 hugely discounted tickets to it. We have decided not to go. Jeff is going to try to get under the house and fix our support beams before my bedroom falls in. I am really worried about him doing that by himself. Maybe I can talk someone into coming out & helping....we'll see! Hannah has a game to cheer at on Saturday night (in Collinsville) so, I am sure we will be at a game pretty late. Fun stuff!
I guess that's really as much of my boring life as I can put on paper right now. Hope all is well with everyone! Have a great day!!

September 2, 2008


We made it back all in one piece! Our trip to Branson was so much fun!! Not relaxing but fun!! The kids enjoyed every minute of it. The adults got rather tired. After spending all day Saturday at Silver Dollar City, I think that's what did us in, we decided to chill out on Sunday. Really??? Is anything chilling out when you have kids that want to spend their day at the water park, add an afternoon at the Dixie Stampede, come back to the water park & then decide to go eat dinner at 9PM?? We did do some crazy things and I feel that I am paying for them today. As I sit at work.....I am really struggling to keep my mind on things! It would be so nice to be in bed. I know my kids were exhausted this morning and fussing about going to school. Such is life! As mentioned before, we had such a great time though! I loved being around friends that I could chat with while the kids went and played. Our kids seemed to get along really well together. I was very proud of all of them!

Next vacation??? I think Jeff and I need to take our own vacation next! Actually, the next adventure in vacations will be Thanksgiving!! We are all going to Mamaw's house in Mississippi. What fun! Major long road trip! That's always exciting!

I best get back to work for the moment. Maybe I will get inspired later today and give more info on our trip. Hope all is well!