August 4, 2008


I am so excited today. After a weekend of fretting about my visit to the throat doctor, I am finally done and relieved by his words! He examined my vocal chords using a long steel rod that lit up at the end. He said it made my throat glow so he could see the vocal chords. He then pulled my tongue out really far, stuck that steel rod down my throat & asked me to say A and E. YEAH RIGHT!!! It was kind of humiliating. Here I was gagging, dry heaving & drooling all over myself while he was doing this procedure. WHAT A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I guess it was worth it for the results. He discovered the the right vocal chord is about 25% weaker than it should be and he has told me I should be back to normal within a couple of months. YEE-HAW! I don't know how to express what a struggle this has been with my singing at church. I really beat myself down about it. I guess we live in an impatient world and I am truly a part of it! We all have that "I want it now" syndrome at times. Anyway, I am thrilled! Saturday was a bit of a busy day. Jeff got up early and went to men's breakfast at the church. When he returned and started mowing the yard, the kids and I went school shopping. Had to take advantage of that tax-free weekend. We got some fabulous buys. Luckily my kids were content with buying clothes only at Old Navy. So, on top of tax free we also got 20% off our entire purchase....WOO-HOO! It felt like I spent more on school supplies than clothes. After getting everything home, it was time to take the kids to their dad. They had such a great time at camp and were excited to tell him the stories. They will be gone all week & then school starts. Sunday was just a quiet day for Jeff and I. We went to Sunday School then church and took our weekly lunch out with friends from church. We ate at Compadre's and enjoyed the fellowship so much. After being home for a while (he in his corner, me in mine) we decided to sit down together and watch a movie. We watched 27 dresses. HOW CUTE! Worth watching! He didn't know I was going to make him watch a chick flick. He did enjoy it though. After that we went our separate ways & cleaned and organized things. That's the way it is when kids are gone. You can actually get things done. Today is just normal. Work (after my Dr's appt.) and then we'll be home. Have a great day!!

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