August 13, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Hi to all! I hope your weekends and first week of school finds you all doing well! My weekend was a busy one. Running to and fro. Jeff had a fishing tournament on Saturday morning. After he left I slept in a while longer until I had to get up to go to church. This Saturday was our Ladie's Mug and a Muffin day. The second Saturday of every month the ladies get together and have breakfast and drink coffee or cappuccino! It is so much fun and relaxing to get away with other women and chat. I led worship at the end. We all learned about the changing of seasons in our lives. I left straight from the church to go meet my kids. Their dad was dropping them off to me. They had been at church camp with their dad. We met in Claremore and then went over to the Lake to see the end of the fishing tournament. Chris walked away with $40 in his pocket! WAY TO GO!! Saturday night we all sat around and watched a movie as a family. We watched Cloverfield. What a wierd movie. Andrew loved it because it was about an alien invading New York City. I thought it was strange!!! Sunday we got up and all went to church. We ate lunch with friends at Arris' Pizza. What a great pizza place. I will be going back!

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