August 16, 2008


I have missed a couple of days of blogging due to a major oral surgery and company coming in. Thursday, as you may recall, was my day to get an absessed root taken care of. Well, it wound up being 2 teeth with absesses. I really went through it. The only thing that helped me was the "Catherine special". They call her their bartender in the dentist's office. They gave me sedation and it was WONDERFUL!!!!!! I highly recommend it to anyone! It was what they called liquid valium. They mix a liquid with cranberry juice and make you take it like a shot and chases it with more cranberry juice. It was not a pleasant one but, about 3 minutes later, it was the best thing in the world!! I was out for the rest of the day and still a little groggy on Friday. I woke up Friday in a lot of pain and sensitivity in my two teeth he worked on so, I stayed home and took more drugs. I am still having issues with the teeth being sensitive when they touch together. I know it was some major work done but, I am ready to eat normally. Maybe I have dropped a few pounds since this fiasco!! That would be nice. My mom and her boyfriend came in yesterday afternoon. I was so happy to see her! We have been enjoying our time together by sitting around talking and going to eat a Pauline's Buffet last night. The fish is wonderful! We have a cookout planned this afternoon at 4:00 for all of her friends. Can't wait to see everyone. Other than the cookout, we've kind of been lazy today. I ran into Owasso and about a couple of decorations for Halloween. Mom is in the kitchen making a cake for the kids (their favorite!!). Jeff and Jerry are out fishing and having a wonderful time. The boys are plaing star wars legos and Hannah is helping cook the cake. AND ME??? Doing whatever I can to sit down and ease the pain! Convenient huh??? :-) Hope all is well! Talk to everyone soon. Love ya!

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