August 25, 2008

Lonely Week Ahead

Well, we got Jeff on a plane Sunday morning headed for Thailand. He text messaged me at 11:55 Sunday morning and said he was leaving Dallas headed directly for Thailand. I got a text from him today at 11:19 stating that he just was getting off the plane. That was almost 24 hours!!! Can you image! He's lucky because they flew them First/Business class and they had the seats that lay down flat into a bed. He said he did get some rest but, not much. If you can imagine sleeping next to a stranger or in a large area with strangers has got to be AWKWARD!! He made it though, Thank The Lord! He said it would be midnight (Tuesday in Bangkok) before they got out of the airport and then they had another 2 hour drive to the hotel. What a long trip! He will turn around in less than 2 days and come back! WHEW!! He is going to be tired and possibly a little cranky! I guess I have to be really sweet for a few days huh?? I'll try! Poor Jeff, when he gets back on Thursday night, we are going from the airport straight to Jacob's birthday party & then home to repack because we leave on vacation Friday. I don't know if he'll survive!!
Other than that, the big excitement last week was cheerleading practice Thursday, taking Andrew to his dad's on Friday, Jeff having a fishing tournament Saturday, Hannah cheered at a football game on Saturday and everyone was just too pooped to party!!! Jeff had an extremely rough Saturday. Here he stays out in the sun all day long fishing and then has to come home to mow the lawn, pack for his trip and no telling what else he did. He never stops! We were both a little snippy by the night ended but, all in all it was because we were both out in the heat all day & rushed & stressed about everything coming up.
Hannah and I went to church Sunday morning and to lunch with friends from church. She was invited to a friend's home for the afternoon so, that left me alone. I thought I would be able to sit and read my new book Twilight but, I remembered Jeff had asked me to water the dogs & get them set because he forgot to do it before he left. I went & took care of that Sunday afternoon & realized it was time to get Andrew from his dad. Needless to say we were RUSHED!! After church Hannah had an 8-7-6 get together at one of the other youth's home. They swam and she got home around 9pm. Andrew and I went home and had a bowl of cereal and chatted a while. I got to read my book for a LONG time!!
I have started a new book series that is just hugely popular right now. The first book is called Twilight as I mentioned before. It is quite a page turner and I can't seem to stop thinking about it. I just want to go home & read until I'm done! Those are the best. It's worth reading if you get a chance.
Tomorrow starts my rush week! I'll have to document that this week & let you know how the week went! I think we'll all be ready for vacation!! Hugs & Kisses to all!!

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