July 14, 2008

Weekly Reflections!

What a week! When I was asked yesterday about how my week went I immediately responded with "Oh the usual, work & come home and that's it. But when I was reminded by my dear husband that was not all I did, I started naming things and realized my week was full of stuff that kept us going! I previously blogged of my adventure on Tuesday evening and how I paid dearly for that the next day at work. Wednesday was uneventful (therefore no blog). Thursday we went over to some friends for dinner. We had such an enjoyable time getting to know the Turner's a little more. Their girls are so funny!! They had me giggling the whole night. We had a wonderful, relaxing dinner & just enjoyed sitting and talking to another couple from church. Friday was the day the kids came home from camp. I got off work at noon and made time for a little nap before getting them at 4:30. There were lots of stories to share about camp. Hannah's cast broke. (That is coming off soon!!) Andrew lost his asthma medication and also cut open his foot under his big toe jumping off of the dock. What fun! They entertained me for a little while with stories & then we all settled down pretty early for a great night's rest. Saturday morning I got up and went to our Ladie's monthly breakfast. It's called A Mug & A Muffin. Several ladies get together on the 2nd Saturday of every month and bring our favorite mugs and have coffee, cappuccino, tea and all kinds of great breakfast items. We enjoy the fellowship and always learn something informative or interesting. I was asked to lead the worship time at the end. The rest of our Saturday was spent playing catch up on laundry and housework! YIPPEEEEE!! Sunday rolled around and it was a jam packed day! We got up early & went to church. I was on praise team that morning so, we went extra early. After church we had an informative meeting about the upcoming Youth Trip/Youth Camp that Caleb & Hannah are going on at the end of this month. With that taking up our lunch time, we headed home to meet Grandma Sharon, Crystal and KK. They came to visit us and did we have a ball!! KK is quite the show horse! She played in the sprinkler outside and ran all over the place. I got really tickled at her. From what I've seen of her, I think all she does is eat and run. She's so cute and angelic. The blonde curly hair is to die for!! That evening we went to church again. After service was a get together for all of the campers that had just come back from Kid's Camp. They fed us root beer floats & ice cream sundaes. My kids took part in that but, Jeff and I wound up chatting with people & we missed out. We all did go to IHOP after church was all done. We had a nice quiet and enjoyable family meal. Once we got home, it was bedtime for everyone. AND HERE WE's Monday! I started my voice therapy this morning. I will be working hard on getting my voice back to the strength that it was before my surgery. I feel very encouraged about it! I have been feeling down and low about it these past few weeks but, after dwelling on how God has brought me already and looking at the therapy that is to come, I am truly encouraged and can't wait to see results!!! Hope all is well with everyone! Till tomorrow.....OR WHEN SOMETHING EXCITING HAPPENS!!!

July 9, 2008

Worn Out

Today has really dragged on for me. I woke up and realized that today was going to be dreary. It had rained all night (I guess). It has pretty much rained all day. I actually like the rain, I just don't like to get out of bed, put the effort in to get dressed and then get out to work & get soaked. That is a miserable feeling. Yesterday was a short day at work for me. I only worked until 3pm and then met up with some friends from church to take the LONG 2 hour van ride to Oklahoma City to sing at the District Camp Meeting our churches have every year. I enjoy singing so much! It's what God created me to do. I can't really describe how alive I feel when I am singing and feeling the words to a song. It's truly miraculous! After praise team was done we listened to the missionary preach. He had some really great stories to tell of his experiences overseas. After that was all done it was about 10:30pm. Our pastor wanted to take us out to eat so, we all had a WONDERFUL meal at the Cheesecake Factory in OKC. What a place!! Their cheesecake is the best!! When it was all said and done, my head hit the pillow about 2:30 this morning. Jeff stayed home to fix his truck. He's had a few problems recently with his truck and thought it would be best to stay and get that taken care of. Something always going on isn't it?? I got a chance to see Chris, Andrea and the grandbabies at camp meeting. Their kids are so great! Jeff and I love them dearly. My kids must be having a great time at camp. I haven't heard from them except the first night when Andrew called me to say he made it there. I hope they get something out of camp more than just fun! I know camp is to have fun but, I do pray that their spiritual mind is enlightened while they are there listening in the services. God has been so good to my family. I am truly grateful for all! Keep on movin' down the right path!!!

July 8, 2008

Camp Time

Well, yesterday was a long day. I got up at 4:30 AM, yes in the morning, to get my kids to the church and see them off to camp. They were so excited they couldn't sleep the night before. My day seemed to drag on and on after that. It was very hard to keep my eyes open during work hours. Once I was done with work, it was straight home for me. I had all intentions of going to bed as soon as I got home but, I got a second wind and started cleaning and even made supper for Jeff and I. I know he was wondering what got into me!! It was a very quiet and peaceful evening last night. Jeff had brought home some work and I got to go through some magazines & catch up on a show of mine. Nevertheless, we did both turn in about 9:00 that night. I was almost asleep when my Andrew called me to say good night. They had just gotten out of evening service and getting ready to go back to their dorms to go to bed (yeah right!!). He was so excited to be there. He didn't say much of anything to me because he was ready to play with his buddies & buy candy at the concession stand. I so remember those camp days. What fun!! Now it's my children's turn to experience the church camp. They like to be a part of every opportunity that our church offers. What a great church we attend! You can't beat having a church family to rely on and do things with. It's such an inspiration and uplifting experience! Well, I guess that's about as exciting as my day went yesterday. Maybe I will have more to report by tomorrow??? Probably not!! See ya later!

July 7, 2008

Up and Running!!

Well, I got this idea from a friend from church. She has been blogging for a couple of months and it's so neat to read her blog. I thought this would be a great way to keep in touch with family & friends. Hopefully I can stick with it....we'll see. I always tend to start something and be all excited about it and then a few weeks later stop doing it. Hope others will join in with this blogging. It is a neat way to see what everyone is up to in their daily busy lives.