August 31, 2010

Missions Trip to Africa

Friends of bloggy land, I have been blessed with a great opportunity to take a missions trip to Kenya, Africa in November with my church and two other churches from the surrounding area. I am in need of raising $3,000.00 to go and share the Gospel. Please consider praying about this in your daily prayer time and follow the link listed below if you feel led to give to this mission. Mission trip fundraising and social networking If you can not give at this time, thank you for even considering. I can always use prayer warriors behind me to keep the entire group saturated in prayer! Again, thank you so much for taking the time to even look into this. I will be keeping everyone updated on my progress and of course the trip!! God Bless!

New Additions

Towards the end of July my husband and I celebrated a new arrival to the family.  We got the pleasure of welcoming to this world another grandchild. This is #4.

Lucas Duane!!  What a handsome boy!

Can you tell how excited his brother and sister are??

OR do you think Papa Jeff and Memaw Tamara are a little more excited??  What joy!!

New life is such a gift from God!!  Enjoy your blessings!  They grow up sooooo fast!

August 21, 2010

What A Weekend!!!! - and it's not over yet!

I've said it before in this blog but I will say it again:  "I love living in a small town"!!

Our little community has an annual tri-county fair.  We always love to go into town and participate in the festivities.  We started our morning at the local donut shop before we had to line up for the bike parade.

Next we went down a few blocks and got ready for the bike parade.  My son really wanted to participate in this parade this year. 

After the parade that lasted a total of four minutes, we went back home for a while.  We were waiting for the greatest race of all!!!  The wiener dog races!!  Soooo stinkin' funny!

After the wiener dog races we loaded up to go to the grand opening of our local Cherry Berry.  YA'LL!!!  If you  have never had Cherry Berry, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT WHEN YOU'RE IN THE TULSA AREA!!!  The bomb!


The kids each had a friend join us for frozen yogurt.  What a great weekend we've had a great one so far!!  Now bring on Sunday!

August 18, 2010

First Day of School 2010-2011

First Day of 5th Grade.

 First day of 8th grade.

 Getting on the bus to go to school!!

I am soooo glad school is back in session!  Now to get on with my running around like crazy!! 

August 17, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

So Many Things To Post

I just realized that I haven't posted ONE thing in this month of August.  What a terrible blogger I am!!  I have sooooo much to post and can't seem to remember to upload photos.  Since the last time I blogged we have attended concerts, made a trip to Las Vegas, started school and had company at the house.  WHEW!!  I told you I have LOTS to blog about!   Now, if I can ever get my mind in gear to organize my thoughts and make myself sit down to write about it!

Be patient with me!  I'll be posting shortly!  ENJOY!!!  Hope you all are having a fabulous summer!