August 18, 2008

Crazy Kids!

Here it is Monday again!! Can you believe how fast the weekends go anymore. Then I realized it's the middle of August and that means the holidays are just around the corner. I was at Cracker Barrel this weekend looking at their home decor and seeing the Thanksgiving and Christmas decor out. WHOA!!! School just started.....let us breathe! Time does tick away faster the older we get. It makes you appreciate your time more, also.
The kids got their teeth cleaned the day before school and Hannah is going to have to have braces....YIPPEEE!! She is so excited! Yeah right. She'll realize once she gets them it's not that much fun. She grinds her teeth so badly that they want to get braces on as quick as possible to correct that. Andrew's teeth were great. He grinds a little but not as severe as sister! No one had cavities YEAH!!!!!!!
The kids have sure enjoyed my Mamaw being here. Saturday we went to our friend's home, Linda, to have a cookout with several of my mom's friends. We had such a great time. I did take pictures but forgot to bring them to work to put them on my blog. I'll have to add them later. Sunday was church and as mentioned previously, we ate at Cracker Barrel. After getting home Hannah and I went to get her school supplies for her Jr. High classes. That went so smooth & truly I didn't spend as much as I thought I would WHEW!!! We hurried home to pick up Caleb and take him to Stroud to give him back to his dad. He has football practice going on this week & his school starts on Wednesday. When I got home Sean and Jacob had come over for Jeff to fix something on his car. Jacob is growing up so fast and SOOOO handsome! We got him to play the game Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! I'll post those pics later, too. I should've been better prepared with pics for my blog but, I can't do it all, I guess :-)
We are going to sit at home tonight and enjoy my mother's last evening here with all of us. We have nothing planned except meet the teacher night at the Jr. High. I put in a request for my mother to make my favorite meal tonight. I know it's terrible to ask your mom to cook while she's visiting but, there's nothing like mom's food!!!
I hope all are doing well. Haven't heard from anyone. I hope I am not boring you all with these blogs. I would love for some of you to get involved in doing this. It's actually a great stress releiver for me to sit & think about nothing but my family and our times together.

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