August 28, 2008


Jeff has been on an airplane since 7:00 PM last night. He won't get back home until 6:35PM tonight. What a long trip!! I am so excited he is almost back! I have missed being by myself at home. Well, I guess we wouldn't have had much time anyway. With all of the running I have done with the kids and all. Anyway, back to Jeff. He called me at about 10AM yesterday to tell me he had just finished supper. They are 12 hours ahead of us over there so, it was night time. He had Thai Barbecue. He said it was very interesting. He was calling me to say he was hitting golf balls. WHAT???? Yeah, that's what I balls in Thailand at 10:00 at night???? What in the world? There just HAPPENED to be a driving range across the street from the restaurant where they ate and the guys decided to go hit a few. What fun huh?? I can't wait to hear the stories tonight & see the pictures. Hopefully he got some so I can post on the blog. ANYWAY..... I will go pick him up and head over to Jacob's birthday party. We all are rushing tonight. Andrew and I stayed home yesterday. He woke up with a really bad asthma attack and I didn't feel right sending him off without me watching over him for a while. By the time he felt better it was 2:30. Hannah was almost home & his school would be dismissing in 30 mins. There was no need. The kids and I went to church last night. What a time of refreshing! Pastor David spoke on changing our negative speaking to positive. It seems to be so easy to say negative things at times but, we sure need to focus on the uplifting positive words! Especially in the world at this day & age. Andrew is in a program called Kidz Xplosion. He does a lot of memory work. Last night he completed his first memorization test. He earned his book so he can start the real stuff now!! This is a new program for our church so all of the kids from 1st - 5th are starting on square one. It's going to be a blast!! When we all got home it was pretty late and time for bed. I found myself not going to sleep very easily(because I relaxed so much all day!!). So I started reading my book. I finished at about 2AM. I am not as tired today as I thought I would be. I forgot to catch everyone up on Tuesday night. We had "Meet the Cardinals" night at the football field. What a fun night! All cheerleaders and football players were introduced from 1st grade - 12th. They are so cute when they are small. There were quite a few hams during the event!! Hannah did so good! She is so pretty! Here is just a picture of a little bit of the event. The kids enjoyed it so much and the weather was perfect! I couldn't drag my two off of the field when we were done. It was after 8:00 and I was searching through the sea of people to find my two. They didn't want to go!! Bed called me!! OR WAS IT MY BOOK??? That's all for now. I hope to have some pics by the weekend from Thailand!! Maybe some birthday pics, too! We'll see....OH THE PRESSURE!!!!!

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