January 29, 2010

More To Say

OK, I'm sorry, but I guess you can tell by now I am a little bored after being home for two days!!  I've been on my blog and facebook more today than I have in three months.  So Sad!!

I decided to make some snow ice cream tonight.  Andrew had never heard of snow ice cream and was sooooo excited when I told him I was going to do this for us.  So, enjoy:

Here is Andrew enjoying his bowl of Pumpkin Spice Snow Ice Cream.  He chose the flavor.  He has already informed me that tomorrow we will make more snow ice cream and he wants Peppermint flavored.  He's got a plan!!

Now, doesn't that look soooooooo yummy???

We have a little over 7" of snow on the ground and it is STILL falling.  My lights are beginning to flicker a bit this evening and it's getting a little scary thinking about the electricity going out.  At least our bellies are full of good soup, no bake cookies and snow ice cream!!  We are a happy bunch!


Loren said...

mmmmmm YUMMY! good grief what is it with this weather and all we want to do is EAT???!!!???

My daughter has said that over and over LOL

and there is more coming ??? OH DEAR!

just talked to Brian and he was with a group on their way to the BEACH!!! yep....wanted to cry!

hope you hubby is in the air!

Sheila said...

I'm there with ya girlie! We made snow ice cream this morning, as well! It was DELICIOUS!
And we've made bluberry muffins, and brownies, and.....
FINALLY got to get out and go to Wal-Mart today! YEA! :)