January 18, 2010

Sickness Came To Visit

My baby started not feeling well during the wee morning hours on Thursday.  He had no symptoms except for a croupy cough and a sore throat (probably from coughing so much).  He looked a little sullen in the eyes and really pale so I let him stay home from school.  He looked so pitiful laying around all day playing his Xbox and watching TV.  That's about all he had the energy to do.  He told me all he wanted was a bowl of grits to eat and that is all he had all day long.  Poor guy!!  By the next morning (Friday) he had developed that fever and his sore throat had cleared up and his cough had gotten lighter.  Knowing there was nothing that the Dr's could do, I decided to just fight it with Tylenol and wait this virus out. 

I am glad to report that he fought that fever all weekend and by Sunday mid morning it was gone!  YAY!  He still has this awful cough and we've got basketball games going this week.  Bummer!  Don't know if I should let him play.  He is the type of child that doesn't like to miss school.  Not because he loves school but because he HATES make up work!  He would rather go to school not feeling well than miss and have homework.  He's so bright and fast with schoolwork that he never ever brings home homework.  He does it all in class.  The teacher has often told me that he can't possibly be finishing his work accurately at that speed.  She has even called him up to her desk on several occasions to check his work and he is spot on with every item on the work.  She's amazed and so am I!!  What a great kid!!!  Sorry, just had to brag on my boy for a moment!

With a sick child in the house, there wasn't much of a weekend for us.  My daughter was the one galavanting around everywhere.  She went to an overnight birthday bash on Friday (right after school) and I didn't see her again until Saturday night around 10:30 when she came back from the movies.  My little social bug!!  She then brought home a friend from church to stay with us Sunday afternoon.  My dear hubby got up and took her to church with him on Sunday morning while I stayed with the sick one and I went Sunday night while he stayed home with the sick one.  Pretty good trade off, I thought!  All in all, as I said before, not much going on around the Conner home.

Now this week could prove to be a different story.  Right now, not a super busy schedule but at any moment that could all start crumbling in on us!!  Kids are out of school today (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) and a basketball tournament (not sure if we will participate) and a few physical therapy appts. sprinkled in and I believe that's about it for us!  What a relief to know that we might be able to enjoy a few nights at home.

Hope your week is fabulous!!

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