January 14, 2010

Good Will Goes A Long Way - Let's Pay It Forward

I struggled for a long time last night whether to post this or not.  I laid in bed praying and asking God for guidance.  I do feel a release in my spirit to post this to share with you and hopefully inspire you to do the same!!

Several weeks or months back Pastor was preaching and told a story of a gentleman who was in a drive thru at a fast food place and asked the gal at the window if she would please let me pay for the car behind him.  He started a chain reaction and ten cars later it ended.  How cool!!  I thought that was such a great idea!  Why have I never thought of that??  Probably because when I am in a drive thru I am thinking of no one else but my stomach!!  I sat in that service and filed that story away in my mental file box so I could pull it out and use it myself to bless someone.  Wouldn't you know that my selfish stomach mode kicked in again and I would always think about it days down the road.  Everytime I would think about it I would feel kind of bummed and I started praying that God would just open that idea up in my mind when the time was right.

A few days ago I had to go and get my boss' glasses fixed.  While there, this wonderful older woman fixed them for me.  I asked her what I owed her and she promptly said with a smile, "A LOT OF GOOD WILL".  That stuck with me.  What a beautiful thought!  (this will tie in, I promise!)

Last night, after physical therapy, I decided to drive thru a local fast food place to grab a Diet Dr. Pepper.  I was on my way to the church to walk the inside track for an hour and thought it would be nice to have a drink.  While sitting in line, after ordering, a warm feeling came all over me and the thought was immediately brought to my attention.  The Lord knows when things need to occur.  My human nature immediately started the questioning.  "What if her order is $50.00?"  "She's driving an Escalade, why should I pay for her meal?"  Isn't it funny how we pray for something to happen, God allows that moment and then we question it?  I immediately scolded myself and promptly obeyed the spirit.  I don't know who she is or why I was called to purchase her meal, but I left with tears running down my face praying for the woman behind me in line and her family.  Who knows?  We never know what is going on in the hearts and minds of individuals that we pass by every day.  She followed me ALL THE WAY to where I turned into church.  Maybe this was just to show her a church door?  Who knows?  We may never know but I can tell you that my heart and spirit are rich this morning after doing a good deed.

I struggled with posting this because I do not want to come across as bragging by any means.  My intentions for this post are to encourage you all that are reading this post to do the same in some way today or the next few days.  Pay it forward, bless someone today or tomorrow...Give A LOT OF GOOD WILL (I told you it would tie in) to some random individual!  You never know what something so small will do for someone else!  God bless!!

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