February 1, 2010

We Made It! - ALMOST

Well, we made it through the storm - almost.  It's not even close to being melted away as of yet but we are all still living and breathing and warm in our homes!!  The kids are out of school today because the roads are still AWFUL!!

I would like to report that my hubby made it home safe and sound on Saturday morning.  He had been in Alabama since Tuesday of last week.  I got to brave this storm all by myself!!  It was a little intimidating at first because of the thought of having no electricity without him here to take care of us, but I made it through!  Hallelujah!!  We all got out and went to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for my son's pinewood derby race that's coming up this Saturday.  He is so excited!  It's always such a fun time!!  While we were out, the kids begged to go to CiCi's Pizza.  Sooooo, I caved and treated them to that.  What is the fascination with CiCi's to a child?  I don't get it!

Sunday was a great day as well.  We got up and went to church, which had been re-arranged because of the storm.  We had one service (10:00) and after that, we had our annual business meeting, followed by our annual steak dinner and evening service was cancelled.  We went straight home after church, changed into our PJ's, Jeff and Andrew worked on the pinewood derby car, Andrew had a buddy come spend the night, and Hannah and I enjoyed watching the Grammy's together.  Oh did you see Lady Gaga??  Woah!

It's going to be very busy tonight around here.  It seems we all have something going on!  I have a ladies church event to be at, Jeff has physical therapy and my son has a basketball game.  Wouldn't you know they are all happening at the same time tonight??  We are having to make some major adjustments to get to all of these things.  WHEW!!  Feels like just another Conner Night!


Sheila said...

I missed the Grammy's - too busy trying to make shirts! :)
We had school today, thankfully! Although, everyone around us was cancelled! :)
Best of luck to you tonight - I know how that goes....

Loren said...

hmmmm. what school do your kids go to? I thought you all were in owasso?

glad your hubby made it home! hope you have a good night and get everybody where they need to be!

Love ya