January 8, 2010

WW Day 4 & Bunco Bash!

Well, day 4 was my worst yet!!  My sweet sugar munchies came to visit me pretty much all day long!!  I really had to push myself not to grab things to shove into my mouth.  I was starving all day!!!  I bought some of the WW frozen meals when we grocery shopped the night before and had one for lunch.  It just wasn't filling enough for me, I guess.  Not to mention my DoubleTree Hotel rep came by with a HUGE platter of DoubleTree cookies.  If you've never had one of those then God bless you!  They are divine!!  I do want everyone to know that the 2 dozen cookies have sat in my office for two days now and I haven't had a single bite!  That's quite amazing for me.  Before I would've downed 4 or 5 in a sitting.  They're not small either.  Through all of this I have realized that I don't want to grow up!!  I want to eat whatever I want whenever I want *laying on the floor kicking and screaming*!  Pardon my fit there!! ha 

After being at work all day and having to resist the urges to grab food and shove it in my mouth, I made my way home a little earlier than usual.  I thought if I got home and grabbed a 1 point bar that I could cook and be fine...NOT SO MUCH!  I cooked dinner for the kiddos and hubby and then prepared myself to leave for Bunco - YAY BUNCO!!  Uh-oh...what am I going to eat there?  Great!  I guess this is the big hassle with WW.  It was nice though because two of my WW buddies are in the same bunco group.  It was hilarious to me that everyone of us was weighing out points and asking how much this was.  Armed with my iPhone, the WW calculator was burning up!!  What a great app!!!!  All in all I think we all three did really well.  I know by the time I went to bed and put in everything on my tracker, I had eaten every single point and not gone over for the day.  This was truly a hump day for me on my road in WW.  I even ended my day with a sizeable brownie - YAY ME!!

The game shall continue!  Hope all are having a fabulous start to their 2010 year!  I know my start of 2010 was not ideal but it is climbing daily into that realm of strength.  I can't wait to see where I am by the end.  God is a great God!!  Ciao!


Nicole said...

I would actually call that day VICTORIOUS! To have all of that hunger and temptations and STILL stay at your point goal is awesome! Way to go!

Loren said...

Good job Tamara!!! That is awesome!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!! I can't wait to see how well you have done on Monday! :) You will be sooo happy and proud of yourself!!