January 12, 2010

WW - Week 2 & Weigh In

As you can tell, I'm not much of a blogger on the weekends.  We get so busy sometimes that when I'm home on the weekends just chilling, I don't even get on the computer. 

Week 1 with Weight Watchers went very well.  I hope you saw my progress as I posted every day last week about it.  I weighed in on Monday (yesterday) and had lost 1.5 lbs.  YAY ME!!  I didn't feel like YAY ME when I weighed in.  I had gotten my hopes up and expected "great things".  A friend of mine reminded me that it was a matter how small..Thanks, Nicole!

I do NOT expect great things for next weigh in because of the fact I am hosting two dinner meetings at work.  The boss has chosen two of my favorite, favorite restaurants and I am watching my portion control by splitting my meals up and taking a to go box immediately BUT the creme brulee will have to be completely devoured!  I figure I've got bonus points to use and I only used 10 of them last week.  Soooo, my reward is Creme Brulee.  I rewarded myself with Chocolate Cheesecake last night.  I only ate about 1/3 of it (if that much) and boxed the rest to take to my hubby.  I'm practicing self control.  The rest of the week I will be very diligent and no more rewards...not even on Sunday! :-)

There is hardly anything going on in our schedules this week (besides myself).  There are no games scheduled, practice was cancelled last night, Hannah will have guitar lessons tonight, Drew will have basketball practice Thursday night and aside from Jeff and I having our Physical Therapy appointments and me doing the dinner meetings and weight watcher meeting on Mon & Tue, we are free the rest of the week.  Feels kind of nice to have a clean slate.  Whatever will I do?  Well, let me tell you:  First, I will be able to go home after work and cook a meal.  Then we can all have a little family time, some quiet time, and some reading time - WHAT?!?!?!  I still feel that the holidays have not slowed down.  I bounded into 2010 with a tight schedule and I believe I am seeing it FINALLY dissolve somewhat.  I love the January lull. 


Girly Muse said...

i'm SO proud of you!!! you have had to fight the temptation with good restaurants from day one!!! and 1.5 pounds is exactly the right amount..slow, but steady. good work.

enjoy your downtime! love ya.

Loren said...

Great job Tamara!!! Keep it up....slow and steady just like Lori said! moderation will stay with you in the long run

Can't wait to read that review..... :)