January 21, 2010

Sickness, Sickness....GO AWAY!!! and a LITTLE WW.

Well, as you read by my previous post, I have been fighting a sickness with my youngest child.  By the time I got home on Monday evening, his fever had returned!!  Yes, returned!  What a slap in the face!!  Soooo, I decided that I would HAVE to take him to the Dr. on Tuesday.  I knew it was going to be fruitless because the only symptom he had was a fever and an occasional cough - which I blame on his asthma. 

Would you believe that when we went to the Dr. and they ran a few tests, that poor child of mine had been battling strep for 5 whole days!!!???  I was utterly confused.  No sore throat but he has strep.  I'd never heard of that.  Then I began feeling guilty for not taking him in earlier.  He got antibiotics started and has been great ever since!!  What a heel I felt like!  Oh well, win some, lose some.  Now the hubby is battling something.  Don't know if he has the same but he had a fever and chills all day yesterday while in meetings in Houston and came home to collapse in bed and sweat it out.  He said he felt better this morning but still a little weak.  Oh the intercession going on in our home for myself and my daughter not to get sick is strong! 

I do want to put in a TINY remark about my weight watchers weigh in on Monday.  When I say TINY, I mean TINY.  I knew it was going to be a bad week.  I didn't expect to have lost anything and I thought for sure I would have gained back what I lost last week.  I actually lost!!!  yay!  ha..I actually lost .2 lbs.  You saw that right - .2!!!   I had to laugh!  I guess something is better than nothing right?  Anyway, back on track this week.  I'm watching things closely!!

Hope everyone has a blessed week & STAY WELL!!


Girly Muse said...

aw, don't beat yourself up over the strep~ it can be a tricky little bug.

way to go on the .2!!!! a little is better than nothing! :)

Loren said...

Don't feel bad....tis true....sometimes that strep can look completely different than it is and just so happened to your little guy this time...He won't hold it against you I have no doubt!

Keep up the good work on WW! .2 is better than ANY amount of gain my friend!!

Love you