May 3, 2010

New Adventure

Oh my fellow bloggers!!!  I officially started with a personal trainer this past Saturday.  By 5:00 Sunday morning, I was "cussing" him in my mind!  I was so sore!  This too shall pass...this too shall pass!!  That's my new mantra!!  ha

Today was my second day with the personal trainer.  I worked my arms on Saturday and today worked legs so, I will probably be limping by the time this evening rolls around! 

I HAVE to do something for my body!  I don't recognize her anymore!  I have always had such an easy time with weight.  I could always eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and not worry about it.  When I hit my mid 30's and had my thyroid removed, IT WAS A BAD THING!!!  I had my thyroid taken out two years ago and it's been a BEAR trying to get it regulated.  It hasn't been up until these past two months that they have that thyroid hormone at the level it's supposed to be.  Hallelujah!!  Now I have to work on getting this extra weight off!!  I will keep you all updated on my journey over the next few months!


samantha said...

Best of luck to you!! Dealing with thryoid sutff stinks. Mine is so off it drives me crazy

Loren said...

You are awesome my friend! You can do this!! I started working out today but nothing of the caliber you are I am sure!!! it's ok I am moving right ;)???

We gonna look good this summer!! Watch out people!


Barbie said...

Good for you! I joined a gym recently. Now, I just need to go! Did you change your header? I like it!

Mich said...

Way to go! I can't seem to go as far as a trainer yet. Something about the thought of exercise makes me tired. :) But I sure need to do something.

Happy Monday!

CRAZYMOM said...

You know, it's funny, I have been feeling the same way. I think I have finally gotten to that place where I think it may be possible to get in shape...and I really want to! Good for you for hiring a trainer! Best of luck!

Girly Muse said...

SO proud of you!!! I am scared of personal trainers, I know they'd have a field day with my wimpy self. You GO! You're going to be rocking some abs by summer, I just know it.

redeemed diva said...

hahaha! This too shall pass. That IS a great mantra