May 24, 2010

Facial Laser Treatments - Day 1

So, for my birthday (back in March), my husband gave me the gift of a facial laser. The laser is called a MiXto laser and it's the latest greatest things in facial laser. Read more about it here.

I went in today at 3:30 for my treatment. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get this started!! At about 2:00, I took a hydrocodone and a valium to relax me. The pain was definitely there at moments but was easy to deal with while "drugged". I can't imagine how this would've felt if I wouldn't have had these meds in me.

I have decided to show the progress of my face over the next few days. Can't wait for you all to see the end result!! It's going to be soooo exciting. I'm not usually this candid to share myself looking soooo bad but, I thought it was time to. Enjoy!

DAY 1 - Before (drugged if you can't tell)
Sorry you can't tell much by the before picture here. I am kicking myself for not getting a better before pic. I have had a lot of sun damage, age spots and melasma for the past couple of years.
During the laser treatment.
The treatment didn't hurt much. You could definitely feel the pings of the laser in the more sensitive areas.

After the treatment was completed, they lathered my face up really well with a moisturizer. It's super shiny and goopy. After getting home and sleeping off a little bit of the meds, my sweet hubby went to Walgreens to get the cleanser and medicated moisturizer that I needed for the next several days.
Clean face with no moisturizer on it:
See the lovely tract marks from the laser? I know it looks really horrible huh??
Here is my face after washing it with a cleanser and putting a heavy moisturizer on.

Cleaned and moisturized.  Ready for bed!!

Can't wait to share with you the next few days.  You are going to be seeing a lot of different phases to my skin!!  I'm soooo excited!!

To find out more about Dr. Kris Armstrong who performed my laser please visit Face 2 Facial here.


Girly Muse said...

you are SOOOOO brave! that looks really painful! so excited to see the end result though!

Jilliebeanie said...

Hi! Just got the sweet note you sent via Girly Muse! Thank you SO much! I'm incredibly flattered and hope you stop up for a visit soon so we can go shopping!

Now, about this lazer treatment...WOW! I second 'the Girly'. You are SO brave! I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end...but, really...WOW. Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so open and posting this. This procedure was recommended for me and I did not research it prior. I was not prepared for this recovery. I am on day 2, so you know what I look like. I was shaking with fear this morning until I found your blog. Just seeing how you got better has calmed me greatly. I was told I would be red and be back to normal in four days. Not sure why they mislead woman this way. Clearly it will be several days to a couple of weeks. Again, Thank you. You have a gorgeous family.