March 5, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday (A Day Late)

Well, I successfully forgot to post my Thursday post. I thought I would do it today (even though it's a day late). I actually started the post yesterday and go to feeling bad and left work to go rest. As the night progressed, I just felt worse and worse. Sooo, here's my Thursday post:

I thought I would share a photo of the "other beings" that lurk around the corners in our home.

These are my darling kitties!!! The grey one (Ashes) was given to me by a neighbor about 6 years ago. She was a tiny little scared lost kitty when I got her. The black and white one (Oreo) was one that wandered up onto our back deck about 4 years ago. I have a super soft heart for lost animals. I started trying to pet the cat immediately and fed him a little....I know, BAD!! My husband was not very happy with me. I eventually wound up letting him come into the house. He never left!!! AND guess whose cat this is.....YEAH - the hubby's cat!! AND you don't mess with HIS cat. He's very protective.

Anyway, Oreo is tall and long and walks like a jaguar. Ashes is short and fat and wiggles when she walks. They are both HUGE kitties but we all LOVE them soooooooo much.

They both lounge around ALLLLLL day long so they can run around chasing each other all night long.

Ashes likes to lay on her back and rub around.

She also finds a lot of time to take a little "cat nap" when we're all watching TV.

This is how she looks when one of the children has her forcing her to take pictures.

And here's typical Ashes lying on the floor waiting on someone to rub her belly.

Oreo likes bags, shoes, suitcases, laundry baskets and anything he can get into.  Here he managed to get into a walmart sack that was in my bathroom.  He got the handle stuck around his neck and his feet inside the bag.  It was hilarious to watch him try and figure out how to get out of that one.

Such a poser.  He's in hubby's shoes.

America's Next Top Model!!

And another pose!

Sorry to bore you with my feline family!  Share some of your pets pics!!


Sheila said...


Girly Muse said...

Aw, they're both so pretty! And very nice posers! ;)

Hope you're feeling better today! Enjoy your weekend...

Loren said...

I am sorry you're not feeling well!! Your kitties are soooo cute! Your grey one looks just like my pongo! His sister was perdy but our neighbor hit her :( Now, we have Pongo, Cooper and Katrina! We love them sooo much!

Hope you are feeling better and have a great weekend! this weather is enough to make anyone feel better isn't it!

Nefertiti said...

se qu ils sont mignons ;O)