March 22, 2010

This Oklahoma Weather!!

Well another weekend has come and gone and what a CRAZY one it was!!!

This past week was spring break so my daughter was cramming in every moment she could to be with friends.  We had several "come to Jesus" talks.  One referring to why we don't let our friends bust out our screens and climb out the windows of our bedroom when we have 3 perfectly good doors that lead outside.  The second was why we don't let our 12 year old friend drive us around town (WITHOUT MOM KNOWING OF COURSE!!).  This spring break has been a truly trying time for me with my daughter!  Good times!!  Good times!!

The second crazy event that happened was having a 75 degree Friday and then waking up to 6 inches of snow on the ground Saturday!  WHAT????  Can't help but love this Crazy Oklahoma weather!  While growing up I always heard the older generation say, "Used my heater to go into work and my air conditioner to come home from work"  OR "stick around a while...the weather'll change". 

Because of the SNOW CRISIS, they had to cancel and postpone the Mother/Son cake decorating contest.  Bummer!  I was kind of relieved to tell you the truth because I was uber prepared and got down to 5pm Saturday evening and realized I had forgotten something that I can't purchase unless it's M - F.  (more details to come later!   I Promise!!)

I did get my son's bedroom half way painted.  I was soooo proud of myself.  We are painting his room bottom half red (OU crimson) and top half white and then using aluminum flashing as a border.  It's going to be so industrial and cool when it's done!  I can't wait!!  I've taken before and during pics.  As soon as I have the completed pics, I'll post all of that.

Have a blessed week!


Sheila said...

OH girl...what are we going to do with our teenagers? I keep referring back to that quote I've heard many times......"as a mother of teenagers - I understand why some animals eat their young!"

samantha said...

My kids would love so of your snow. Here in Oregon we haven't gotten any in our valley. Best of luck with your adventures with a teenager =)

Loren said...

Oh did have some come to Jesus talks! LOL kids these days :) We got home from Tennessee in time for the snow....was so NOT HAPPY as it was rainy and cloudy every day we were gone....but as you so well has already changed and Praise God the sun was out today and even warmer tomorrow....
Hugs to you my friend and I can't wait to see the room! Sounds awesome