March 2, 2010

A New Favorite

I have a new favorite in my life!!  After reading a post on my friend Lori's blog (read her post here) about her UGG experience, it got me thinking.

I have always HATED the way UGGS looked.  I've thought they were clunky and fat looking.  I've never wanted a pair and never looked into the cost or comfort of them at all.  Recently, my daughter talked me into purchasing her a pair of the UGG look-a-like boots that are EVERYWHERE!!!  I began sneaking them out of her room and wearing them with my skinny jeans.  What a terrible mom!!  It's actually kind of sad when you're sharing shoes with your 12 year old daughter.

I began really enjoying the boots and looking to get me a pair.  Reading Lori's post made me definitely realize that I was going to have to splurge and get me a pair of UGGS. 

Look what I got yesterday!!!!

I about had a caniption fit when I got to looking into purchasing a pair of the UGGS and saw how much they were.  OH MY!!  I am an avid bargain hunter and want the best deal out there!  I got on ebay and found these lovelies.  They are chocolate brown cardy UGGS.  I only paid $51.00 for them - BRAND NEW with tags!!!  WOW!

Here's me wearing them today.
These are definitely the MOST comfortable shoes I have ever had on my feet.  NO socks and NO sweating!!  YAY!  I saved almost $100.00 by buying them on ebay and waiting.  Patience is not my virtue!!

Anyway, I was given strict orders to post this (from Lori).  Soooo, here ya go!!  ENJOY!

Please folks, invest in a pair of these UGGS.  They are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn in my life.  And really really cute with the right outfit.


Girly Muse said...

DARLING!!! You did GOOD!!! Aren't your feet feeling downright spoiled now?! Love 'em.

Nicole said...

I even love my clunky fat looking ones. I have chocolate brown and Kyndal has black that I borrow. They are a lifesaver in winter! I sometimes even wear them with my pj bottoms at home.

Loren said...

Oh Tamara! UGGS are sooo Awesome! and like Lori said there honestly is NO COMPARISON!! I am like Nicole I wear mine everyday and with my pj's!

You did good girl!

love ya!