December 18, 2009

Shoulder Surgery Sentiments

Well, this has been the extent of my days since Monday.  I went in for shoulder repair surgery early Monday morning and ever since have been in this LOVELY, NEW leather recliner.  Merry Christmas a few days early for me!!  Yeth!  My hubby bought me this recliner for my recovery time.  Wasn't that sweet??   I had all intentions of posting something everyday since I was going to be home recovering.  Well, I guess my wants were a little bit extravagant compared to my reality.  Between the pain and the medication, I haven't been very coherent.

 My sweet daughter washed my hair for me today (not without a little pain).  See my boo-boos all patched up (thanks to the hubby)??  How sad I look!!  Today seems to be the worst of all the days so far.  I'm trying to wean myself off of the pain meds.  All it does is make me loopy and want to sleep all day.  Soooo, I'm trying.  I think that's why I have had more pain today than the others.   My Dr. had a lovely chair brought in for me to sit in 6 hours a day and it would move my arm a few degrees a day until it hits the maximum degree it needs me to be at.  I was really dreading it, until I tried it.  WOW!!  It feels soooo good to have it move my arm around. 

Today, I had a lovely friend of mine from church bring over supper to the family.  That was sooo sweet!!  It was nice to actually have a home cooked meal.  Since I have been down, my hubby hasn't known what in the world to do for me in the food department.  Poor guy!  I've not felt much like eating but, sure got tired of Ritz crackers and water....HMMMM, maybe I lost a few pounds??  Now I'm dreaming again!  ha

All in all, the family has taken good care of me and done everything that I have needed.  I think I am beginning to drive them crazy with all of my requests. 

On a side note, my lovely friend, Loren from The Magoos News, lost her father this morning.  He has been dilligently fighting cancer for several months.  God has another plan for this sweet man.  I just want to send her my thoughts and prayers and encourage those of you out there to do the same.  What a short life we live here on earth!  Have a great holiday!!


Nicole said...

Hope you recover soon, Tamara!

Girly Muse said...

Aw, no fun at ALL! Hope you recover so very quickly...sorry you're hurting!

You look cute as ever though. :)