December 21, 2009

1 Week After Surgery

I have officially made it one week!!  It has truly not been as bad as most people told me it would be.  I have done a lot of thinking about that and wondered why not.  Obviously, the first thing I think of is God has just smiled on me on this and the second things is that I did recently realize that I did have full range of motion in my shoulder before surgery where most of the others that really had a tough time did not.  I think that made a huge difference with my recovery time.  I'm still struggling to get my energy back up.  That's been about the biggest issue.  I'm sure it's because I am just not sleeping well at night so my rest is not there and the uncomfortable ways I have to sleep just won't let me.

Turn your eyes if you're squeamish!!!  OK, I warned you!!!  I wanted to show a picture of my shoulder.  I had orthroscopic surgery so, it's not all black & blue and oozing.  It's just a few small incisions with a couple of stitches.  BUT, I still did warn you!!

See, it's not THAT bad!!

Santa showed up AGAIN at my house this week.  I first told you about the recliner that I got "for Christmas" and then on Thursday evening, we realized that our freezer was not freezing properly in our refrigerator.  Sooo, we got a repair man to come out on Saturday morning to look at it & repair it.  By then, the fridge part was also losing its coolness.  The repair man said he could fix it but it would be a gamble and we would have to spend about $600 by the time it's over.  The gamble was that he didn't know if the repair would last two hours or two years.  He just couldn't guarantee anything.  Sooooo, we talked it over and decided to go ahead and buy a new fridge.  On Saturday (slinged arm in tow) I got out with the hubster and we shopped for a couple of hours looking for the fridge we both agreed on.  It wasn't too long into the trip that we decided which one to get.  The problem was finding it in stock.  We went to 5 different locations to get it.  It's one of the #1 fridges going right now so NO ONE had it in stock!!  At the last place we went, we found that they had 1 white one left...JUST WHAT WE NEEDED!!  YAY!  The hubby had asked another salesman to see if he could order it in for us but we wouldn't know until middle of next week.  After we found what we wanted and came home, I realized I had completely overdone it!  I really wore myself out and didn't have a great night after all of that.  We all got up the next morning and went to church.  After lunch with friends the hubster informed me that he was thinking about getting our old fridge fixed....WHAT?!?  Where did this come from?  I didn't quite know how to handle this.  I had gotten all worked up about getting a new appliance, got out and found it, paid the price for that and was getting excited about when it was going to be delivered.  This really threw me for a loop!  I honestly didn't know how to act.  He asked me how mad I would be if he didn't get the new one.  I didn't know how to answer that!!  Hubby left & all he said was "I'll be back".  I called a great friend for some moral support.  Was I being this awful wife or what??  I didn't know how to look, how to turn, how to speak, nothing!  When he pulled up, he had the fridge in the back of his pick up.  GREAT!!  Now, I felt even worse!!  If I'd a had a little more time to process this, maybe I would've thought differently??   I really don't know.  I will say that I do absolutely LOVE our new fridge! 

We decided on the Samsung RF267AEWP   Isn't she lovely??

I knew I wanted a fridge with the freezer on the bottom and when I saw the french doors on top, it was a no brainer!!  Anyway, here's a peek in our kitchen once she was placed -

OK, so, that's all the excitement and chaos around the Conner Blend this last week.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see what occurs this week!!  Hope all are well!  ENJOY your Holidays!!

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