December 1, 2009

First Day of December

My 10 year old son woke up this morning and wished me a "Happy 1st day of December!"  Can you believe this year went by that fast??  I can't.  Seems like just yesterday it was Valentine's Day.

The countdown has begun in the Conner-Mock Blend.  Countdown to Christmas has begun for the kids and countdown till surgery has begun for me!!  Lots to look forward to in the next few weeks. 

The hubby and I began our Christmas shopping on Black Friday.  I have everything bought for my kids this year.  I laid down the law about Christmas.  I am tired of buying tons of presents just to have them torn up in a few weeks.  Sooooo, mom thought - maybe if I buy one large (kinda pricey) gift and told them that was all they were getting, it would be better.  We'll see!  I'm spending about $200-$250 on each child this Christmas and calling it quits!!  They are fully aware they will have one present under the tree.  I can't vouch for what "Santa" will put in their stockings though!!  I hope it will go over well and it really takes the pressure off of me to find all these gifts.

As for the rest of the family, well, my hubster's side draws names.  We have that taken care of also.  I have no family nearby so the holiday season just gets to be a depressing state more and more each year.  I take it really hard that I have no family around to fit in with.  Bummer!!  Anyway, my half brother and half sister are going in with me on a flat screen for my mother.  She had recently been talking about wanting a 19 - 22" in her bedroom.  Sooooo, on black friday, it was accomplished! 

Coming home from church on Sunday, I was giving the run down to the hubby and kids about our schedules for the next two weeks.  Lots going on (with holidays) and even more going on because of preparations for surgery.  Basketball has started so that just adds a little more to the running. 

I attended a Pampered Chef party last night.  It was sooo much fun!  We made cookies with the new cookie press!  My 12 year old daughter got in the kitchen after everyone had left & made a whole pan of cookies and baked them before I even knew she was doing it.  WOW!!   Sooo, I bought the cookie press just for her.  She told me while I was down, she would make cookies for me...HOW SWEET!!  Guess I'll get fat while recovering huh??

Tonight is Bunco Christmas Party!!  Woo-Hoo!  Such great ladies I am friends with!  Wouldn't trade them for the world.  They keep me going a lot of days (more than they know).  Then it's to church on Wednesday for our next to last Wednesday practice before the Christmas Concert.  It always seems that no matter how early you start learning Christmas music, it always seems like the last few practices are a cram session.  Thursday, we are planning on having a family night.  Can't wait for this time to spend with the kids! 

I will have to stop here so I will have something to post about the rest of the week/weekend.  Just in one of those rambling moods I guess.

I pray all had a fabulous Thanksgiving with their families!  Happy Holidays!

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Loren said...

YOU did good on your template change :)

How sweet your daughter is making you cookies and YES you will feel like your getting fat but don't worry it will all be gone in no time :)