October 1, 2009

Harvest Happiness

Oooooh, I love Fall!! I have officially started the fall decorating. What fun!! My office at work is almost complete. Now to move on and start decorating the home. For those of you who don't know, I could literally decorate with pumpkins all year round. I adore pumpkins! Why? I don't know. Never have understood it. I just know that when it's time for the stores to pull out the new fall decorations, I am drawn to all of the "new" pumpkins they have. Cute, Cute, Cute!! I've been kind of bad in the past years and have not carved pumpkins with the kids. This year I am going to make a great effort to get that accomplished. My days tend to start running together after a while. If I don't keep my self on post over my calendar at all times, I can let things pass and not even realize it. How awful is that! If anyone out there has any time management tips, I'M ALL EARS! I was required to take a time-management class in college. I guess it just didn't sink in with me very well. I guess I will have to revert to a comment I made yesterday on my blog. It seems we become too carried away in our busyness and we feel that our family can wait...what an injustice to them! I've really been thinking lately about how busy I keep myself. By the time I do find an evening to be home, I'm so tired from being busy I don't have any energy to pour into my family. Depressed? YES! Guilty? YES! Absolutely wearing myself down about this. Why? My family is very important but I don't make them feel that way. Hmmm... Enough of my whining! I really would love to hear from the few that see my blog to get some feedback or even ideas. How does a sanguine people pleaser tell others no? CHOW!


Loren said...

from one sanguine to say no. One day I had clearly been putting everything ahead of me family and it devastated me! The Lord in His infinite mercy and grace started to really teach me about boundaries. If you havent read that book then by golly download that bad boy into your Kindle and ask the Lord the see those areas that He can help you in. Just your desire is the best place to be and I know you will do this! One day at a time, be patient and seek Him allowing Him to transform you to be all He made you to be!
Authors are Cloud and Townsend
will be praying and keep us posted k

Loren said...

The book is called Boundaries.

About the shoulder....... It hurts!!!! I aint gonna lie.
It's worse than my hysyterectomy and close to beating open heart surgery. I opted for the block, it numbs the shoulder area for approx. 3 days and keeps pain level down, well guess what! It didn't work on me for some odd reason so I am sure my case is different than most. Do you have to get any anchors put in? I had 3 so that adds also to the pain and recovery time.

Let me know what you think about book k

Have a great weekend

Tamara said...

Thanks for the book title Loren!! As far as I know I don't have to get any anchors. They are going in to repair the labrium that is torn and I have some bone spurs that are pushing into my muscle at the top of my shoulder. He's going to do those two things for sure and when he gets in there will determine what else he needs to do.