October 30, 2009

Friday Fun Facts

Fact #1 - Tamara LOVES blogging and reading other blogs.

Fact #2 - Tamara is a MAJOR copycat when it comes to great ideas or recipes from the blogs she follows.

Fact #3 - I have shared with you several recipes this week & part of last week.

Fact #4 - I must share another one from my friend over at XOXO Trina.  Check it out here.

Look at this DELICIOUS  array of gobbeldy gooeyness...!  WOAH!  This recipe was phenomenal!  My kids even devoured it.  You've got to try this recipe, especially if you like pumpkin.  What a great fall dessert!!  Thanks Trina!

Fact #5 - My youngest son and I made cute little goodie bags for his class last night.  I have to give kudos to Jill Scott at Controlling My Chaos blog.  You can read about her great ideas here.   Here is what we got from her blog.

Fact #6 - I guess I started Halloween a day early.  Being it's Friday and I'm at work, I went ahead and pulled out this:  ha-ha-ha

Corny!!!  I know!  My kids wanted me to do SOMETHING this year for Halloween so, they picked this out for me!  ha-ha!  Just another day at work!!

Fact #6 - I am now going to sign off and go enjoy my upside down pumpkin cake that I brought to work!


Trina said...

Oh, I'm so glad you made it and loved it! I can't wait to make it this weekend. I made another batch of muffins last night and had 2 for breakfast :)

Thank you for leaving me a comment, it's so nice to hear from people!

Loren said...

That looks delicious! and the bags are cute....great idea :)

You look soo cute ~ your kids did good!!

Happy Friday and Happy Halloweed, I can't wait to see what you blog will look like next week me if you need help LOL just kidding

Controlling My Chaos said...

The treat bags turned out so cute, great job! Thanks for the link love too. :)

That's a yummy dessert, I agree. It's Peanut Head's favorite. We haven't had it since Thanksgiving last year though. I think it's time again.

Girly Muse said...

That looks SO yummy!!!

And those treat bags~ they are ADORABLE!!! Great idea.

Love your headband. Can I borrow it today? :)

Love ya!

CrazyLilRocka said...

I followed you from Trina's blog comment about the pumpkin recipes. I'm planning on posting a few to my blog as well including the Upside Down Pumpkin Cake. Would you mind if I linked people to your blog for the pictures? I was checking a few other posts of yours as well and I must say I really like your blog.


secretlifeofdawn said...

looks delicious, is it Pumpkin Crunch, I just made that Monday night for the first time it was the bomb!!