January 2, 2009


IT'S HERE! 2009 came in such a hurry! Funny how you think about the past years and how slow it seemed to go when you were younger. Now that we're getting older (yes, I said the O word) the years are just flying by! Now I know what my parents meant when they said time was going soooo fast! We had such a wonderful Christmas. I will update all of that when I get my pictures uploaded to my computer. I am so bummed that I missed out on posting the first 2009 post on the 1st. Oh well, I guess the 2nd will just have to do! We spent our New Year's Eve at a friend's home. We had about 20 adults there. It turned into playing the Wii all night. My arms are still hurting today from all of that! It was so much fun! We rang in the new year with a nice friendly party and then took our time getting up on New Year's Day (except for Jeff...Mr Early Bird!). The kids and I cleaned the house, Jeff and I had hair appointments and we finished the day by going over to our friend, Linda's, for about an hour. So calm & no rushing...I LOVE IT!! Today I get off at noon from work and will be going home to do more picking up (Christmas things). Hoping to get things put up in the attic tomorrow (Saturday). We'll work hard to make that happen. Have been enjoying my time with Caleb. He's such a calm kid. He was telling me how nice it was to be home and have nothing to do. He stayed in his PJ's all day and really enjoyed not doing anything! I think sometimes that I am a very boring mother but, after you get that from a child, it makes you feel a little better! It's so hard to work all day & then feel motivated when you get home to cook a huge meal, take kids to games, clean the house, clean the kitchen, take a bath & whatever else may come along! WHEW, that got me exhausted just typing it! No, I do enjoy down time but, it is very hard to be motivated 100% of the day after stressful day of work! Well, it's time for me to get home! Hope all had a wonderful Christmas and hope all have the Hapiest New Year Ever!!!

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