January 8, 2009

Ever Wonder??

Ever wonder why some people in your life have this eloquent way of putting things down on paper and you want to be able to do that so bad, but can't seem to get the words out or put it on paper the right way?? I am at that point. I have been following several of my friends' blogs and enjoy so much reading them. I get a blessing out of everyone that I follow and yearn for the ability to write like some of these lovely women do! I was thinking about this last night and God laid this on my heart: 1 Corinthians 14:26 says, "So here's what I want you to do. When you gather for worship, each one of you be prepared with something that will be useful for all: Sing a hymn, teach a lesson, tell a story, lead a prayer, provide insight." (The Message)! Does that say it all? To me it does. If it's my friend Nicole teaching me a lesson, my friend Cylinda providing insight, my friend Lori telling a story or me singing a hymn....we are all ministers of God! I had to sit & really think about this last night. I have always wanted to have the right words to say. I have always felt so inadequate in a group with conversation. I have always yearned for the experience of saying those "perfect" words to someone to lift them up and help them out through their day. I did realize that I do that. I don't do it the way everyone else may, but I do it!!! My gift is in music. I minister through song. I have a feeling when those songs start that is so overwhelming that I want to share it with everyone! I can't even explain it. To feel the music and think about what the words are saying at that perfect time of worship is so overwhelming and hard to contain within myself! That must be how those with the gift of teaching and speaking feel about their ministry! WOW, what an awesome God we serve!


N. said...

Mmmmm ... you are right! Believe me, there would be screeching and hollering if I said what I said to the beat of a song .. oh my! When you speak through music, it rips through me! Thank you for the complement, by the way. I don't think of it as any kind of teaching, but more as lots of babbling. But, I'm glad you feel something from it. Love ya!

Girly Muse said...

hi, tamara! i just found your blog. i'm new to this blogging world and i'm LOVING it!!! i kinda feel like i'm stalking though. so thanks for letting me read. :)

it's so fun to see your family and read what is going on in your life. wish i could hear you sing too. it's been way too long.

just wanted to encourage you to keep it up! and can't wait to see your meal/budget/planning blog. xo