January 6, 2009

Looking Back

The year 2008 had many bumps and joys. I was thinking back on it today and realized how great it is to have a "fresh" start. It seems as if the previous year almost feels like it was just wiped clean. We all make resolutions to do things differently. Do we stick to them?? Some, I'm sure, do. Most, I'm sure, don't. I am one of the many who make the resolutions and do not stick by them very long! I WANT TO CHANGE THAT THIS YEAR!! My focuses for the year are going to be in the finances, dinnertime, house organization, time management and doing more as a family! I thought I would post some pics of the kids at Christmas. I made them get on their knees for this picture. Caleb is so tall that we wouldn't have had much of the tree in the background. He has grown up so much. Now has a "peach stash" growing. Hannah has matured so much even over the past month. She got her hair cut for Christmas. IT IS GORGEOUS!! That alone made her grow up several years. Andrew is still my goofy little gus!! Can you tell?? Always acting crazy and laughing at something! The kids had a wonderful Chrismas this year. We got out on Saturday after New Years and spent gift cards. They were burning holes in their pockets!! IMAGINE THAT! Jeff and I also had a wonderful Christmas! We enjoyed watching the kids and grandkids open all of their presents and just having the family around the dinner table to talk and carry on. It was such an easy Christmas this year for us. Seems like something always falls apart around the holiday time for us. It actually went smooth! PRAISE GOD!! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Now it's back to starting our new year with a BANG! May peace and joy find its place in your hearts and home!


Cylinda Nickel said...

Your family is so beautiful!! Love your blog AND your layout!!

Tamara said...

Thank you! I am enjoying yours as well!