January 28, 2009

Losing Track of My Days!!

It's official, I have lost my mind!! I was trying to get my thoughts together for this post and realized that I had no clue what day it was, how many days the kids had missed of school or how many I had missed of work!! WOW...guess that's what happens when you're home and chill out too much!! I'm not used to this being at home all day and all night with not much to do! This is what I have been watching on my back porch since Monday. We have a birdfeeder out back and the birds just flock over to eat. Some birds will get up on the feeder and knock feed down onto the porch and the other birds will gather there. My cats have had a great time watching them from my back door. This was the start of our Tuesday. It was too icy and cold to play too much outside so Guitar Hero took the stage for a while! They are soooo competitive. I even got in on the action! You won't see a picture of that!! The kids wanted to go out and play when the sleet stopped and the snow started falling. It was such a beautiful snow. You must admit as annoying as it is sometimes, these storms sure make things pretty around us. We just have to stop and look. Take the time to know that God created this and it was good!! WHAT A LIFE!! The cats wore themselves out from sitting at the back door and watching the birds! How tiring!! All in all it's been fun being home with the kids. I would like to have the energy and motivation to just whiz through this entire house and throw away a bunch of things but, I am enjoying so much not having to go anywhere or do anything! Maybe tomorrow I can tackle some things!! I'm gonna have to!! Hope all are warm and safe this winter day!


Girly Muse said...

aw, sounds fun. the boys are so cute.

i wish so much that things would stop around here. we have so much snow that it's just old hat...nothing EVER closes!!!

enjoy the "holiday"! :)

Tamara said...

The boys are cute but, that's my daughter in the white coat! ha-ha-ha I laughed and laughed!!