December 19, 2008

Another week down in the books of history!

We have really had a great week! Sunday we went to church, ate lunch with friends and I took of to get kids from their dad. When we woke up Monday morning, we were iced in. Needless to say, the ice storm of December 2008 was a chilling reminder of the ice storm of 2007. It made me thankful to have electricity, heat & good food. Those ten days last year were miserable! Don't want to repeat that anytime soon. We were stuck in the house for 3 days. Obviously, I stayed home with the kids all 3 days. With them out of school and no family around I get to take a "mini-vacation" if you can call it that! I got to listen to "I'm bored" just about all day! Oh well, we actually enjoyed having that time. Wednesday was my first time out of the house since Sunday. I attempted to drive to church. Surprising to me was the roads & my driveway was completely clear of any ice remnants. I was soooo excited! That meant I could go to work and talk to big people!!! Thursday found us going (after work) to the oldest grandchild's first Christmas program. He did not want to participate in that. He cried and cried...poor guy! When they did get him up for his turn, all you could see was hands covering his face the whole time. Again, crying the entire time. He's so cute!! I got some great pics of the hands. Couldn't resist. We went out to eat at Steak 'n Shake after the program. I wish they wouldn't have closed where we live!! I really like their food. Friday - TODAY - we are going to attend Andrew's make up basketball game tonight. After the ice cancelling school, that also means all activities are cancelled. It's going to be fun! His dad & his Poppy are coming up to see him play. They will also be able to see him play tomorrow in a game. The team won 1st place last weekend at a tournament. He was so excited yesterday to call me and tell me that he got a 1st place trophy from that tournament! It's all about the trophies right now!! Saturday - as mentioned with basketball games, finalizing Christmas plans, menus, cleaning & enjoying the hubby! I can't wait! It will be just the two of us for about two weeks. We actually need this down time! It's been stressful the past few weeks. Always seems to hit about the holiday time with us. Don't know what it is but, we always make it through! THANK GOD!! Hope all are having a wonderful and blessed Christmas season! Enjoy your family and God's love! Blessings, Tamara

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