January 13, 2009

What to Blog??

Well, I sit here trying to think of something....ANYTHING....interesting to blog about and I can't come up with one thing! I see all of my friends blogs that I follow and they have the neatest things going on. My life right now is really kind of boring....when it is ever?? I guess I am just being blessed with some "boring time" right now. I have been following very closely a friend of mine's blog. She has started blogging about her menu planning and showing pictures of what groceries and household items she has bought with the money she had budgeted. It has been so interesting and motivating for me! I have not yet started it but, I plan to very, very soon! I just have to find that time to sit down and put things on paper & make time to go to the grocery store. We had a really boring kind of a weekend. I went to our Monthly Saturday Mug & A Muffin get together at church. We have such a wonderful time getting together and enjoying a cup of coffee, some breakfast food and great lessons. This Saturday was exceptional because a lot of ladies showed up this time! We were kind of running small at the end of the year. I hope next month has as many (if not more) show up!! When I got home, we had guys over installing our new entertainment center. We decided to get the "BIG BOX" off of the floor in the living room and put a "BIG SCREEN" on the wall! It is so nice! We also added theater surround sound, a blue ray system and speakers on the back porch to listen to the radio! WOW!! It's amazing! We didn't get anything accomplished on Saturday after the guys left. We watched TV for about 5 hours. We were going to get some things put up in the attic & organize some other areas....oh well! We had to do that on Sunday instead. I am now ready to shop for a few furniture pieces to finish out the rooms that we've moved around. I am so excited about that! We're having our first movie night with some friends on Friday night! Can't wait! You know we'll have to get a great action packed movie to get the full effect of the surround sound! That was about our weekend. That was all the excitement at least. Sunday was a day of church, lunch, picking up kids from their dad and putting things in the attic. I didn't feel too great on Sunday. Monday came & Hannah started having her nose bleeds. That girl, when her nose bleeds, you can hardly stop it. I didn't feel that great either. I am fighting a head cold. I let her stay home from school because her stomach was upset from the nose bleeds. I thought it would definitely be embarassing for a middle school girl to have a severe nose bleed at school. She needed the rest any how. Maybe it was I that needed the rest?? Anyway, we did...all day long! Andrew went to his basketball practice and it was Monday, Pizza Night!! Easy meal for me on Mondays. Can't beat the $6.99 pizza that feeds the whole family! We ate, did a little talking, cleaned up things and watched TV. woo-hoo! We are the most exciting family around! Tonight we are going to work on moving furniture around in the bedrooms. Hannah is getting Caleb's furniture and we are turning Caleb's room into a "game room" of sorts. He will have a futon or a sleeper sofa in his room now. Hopefully he'll like it! He's not here much so, I figured he wouldn't care. He'll be one of the few 14 year old boys to have a 62" big screen in his bedroom. I think he'll enjoy that! XBOX HERE HE COMES!! Anyway, my babbling is enough for now. I hope all are well! We'll blog later!


N. said...

gosh .. i wish i had a little of your boring !!

that's why i started doing the simple woman's daybook and some other things .. to spark some topics of discussion. i love to write, and sometimes i just need a jumpstart.

N. said...

The shampoo was 99 cents with that coupon from the booklet, and there was apparently a paper coupon in the paper from the week before for $1.00 off, but I didn't have it.

Cruz Newz said...