February 23, 2010

The Amazing Race: Valentine's Edition 2010

Here we go....I want to fill you in on what the girls put together for our husbands last Friday.  My real life and bloggy friend Nicole found a great idea on another blog:  My Insanity.  When she asked me and two other of our girlfriends to be a part of this (six weeks ago), I was immediately on board!! Soooo, here's how it went:

We all met at the Breese's home. We told our husbands we were all going to go out together for supper and we were meeting there to decide where we all wanted to go. Hee-Hee The girls disappeared back into a bedroom to change into our matching T-shirts.

Nicole, Berry, Deidra and Tamara

It was so funny when we came out because we had to track down one husband that was on the phone with a restaurant making reservations for us to eat.  ha-ha-ha!!!  They were all so shocked when we came out with matching shirts on and handed each of them their "uniform".  The mood of the room immediately went to an "oh no....what are they doing to us".  It was sooo funny!!

Jeff, Nick, Rick and Jace

The Breeses, The Olinghouses, The Taulmans and The Conners

After putting on the "uniforms", we read them the rules of the race:
1. They had to wear their uniform at all times.
2. They had to follow the clues and complete all Roadblocks.
3. They had to video each Roadblock being completed.
4. They had to use the pouch of money to buy each of us a gift.
5. They had to get each of us a bouquet of flowers without spending any money.

Then we took away everyone's wallet & cell phones.  The person driving got to keep his drivers license and cell phone.  We also gave them a PINK pouch full of $1.10 in pennies. 

Their first clue read: 
It's time to make those cards, but in order to do it right, you'll need to go to the store, where Nicole makes memories on a Friday night.

They were to go to the local scrapbook store and make a card for each one of us.  Unbelievable (hee-hee) there was an actual crop going on that night.  The guys had to go sit in the crop room with all of the other women and make a card for us.  Here's a peek at what that looked like: 

I wish I could repeat the stories these guys had to tell.  The most memorable one was the stories of the other women in the crop room texting their husbands about what our men were doing there.....LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
After making each of us a card they were given their second clue:
Now you're heading to an Island, where you'll have a Funtastic time. You'll be swinging and sliding, and finding a clue when you climb.

We have a huge new play area (Funtastic Island) where we had hidden their clue earlier.  One of the guys had to climb up in all of the slides and ramps to find the clue.  My hubby was the lucky one that decided to do that task.

Here he is looking for the clue.

And here he is after finding the clue.

The third clue (found in the slides) read: 
Next drive across town, to a Firestone who is a delight. One of you will perform a Roadblock, that's sweet and spicy and such a fright.
Firestone is the last name of a lady in our church.  She had a treat of worms and chocolate covered crickets ready for someone to eat.  I don't have a picture of that for some reason. 
After that roadblock, they were given their fourth clue:
Your next stop is a pizza place, near Uptown not down. Hopefully they'll be love in the air with your tune, and not (A)more frowns.
This was a local Italian pizzeria in town called Andolini's.  Here they were supposed to sing "That's Amore" to the patrons in the shop.  The two left in the group that had not done a roadblock were to do this portion. 
When they completed that, they were to pick up the food that we had ordered and they also got their fifth clue:
Now go (b)o(w)ling, not to the alley but the house. There you'll find your prize: not a million, but your spouse.

This lead them to their ultimate prize - US!!  We were at the Olinghouse residence.  Cute huh??  We had created a great tablescape for all of us to sit and eat our dinner and enjoy the stories.

After eating a dinner and listening to the guys tell stories of the evening, we all went into the living room and anxiously waited for our cards, gifts and flowers.  I could not wait to see what they came up with.

Nick gave Deidre a package of bulbs for his flowers and a kneeling mat he purchased from the dollar tree.

Jace gave Berry a flower arrangement he got from the Firestone residence (when he ate the bugs).

Rick gave Nicole a flower made out of paper from the scrapbook store and a Valentine wood block decoration that he also got from the Firestone residence.  It's funny they were asking for things when they went places!!

Jeff got me a bouquet of roses from the Dollar Tree and Andolini's (the pizzeria where they sang) let him have the bear I am holdingin my hand.  The bear sings "That's A'more" cute is that!!  His card was the highlight...Here's what it said inside:
HAHAHAHAHA!!!  I got the biggest laugh out of this!!

After everything was over and we sat and chatted and laughed some more, we gave our hubbies candy bars with this note attached:

After a wonderful evening of laughs, fun, food and fellowship, we all left with our sides hurting.  What an evening!!  Our husbands were such great sports to do this with us.  I can't wait to see what we plan next!!  Thanks guys!!

Sealed with a kiss!!!!
I hope you enjoyed your Valentine as much as we did!!


Nicole said...

Great summary! I loved reading it through your eyes! I hear paybacks are **** !

Girly Muse said...

This is so cute! Love all the pictures and the things they came up with! What a great idea. I laughed out loud at the Skor bar. :) So fun.