February 2, 2010

Valentines Is Coming

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching us.  I love this time of year!  I love Valentine's Day.  I don't enjoy the crowds or the push to buy expensive things for each other but I do enjoy knowing that we are going to be taking time out for each other!  That is what I look forward to.  I have something up my sleeve this year.  I don't want to mention anything as of yet - just in case hubby reads this blog.  I'm sooooo excited I can't hardly stand it!! 

Moving on, before I spill the beans!  We had a great night last night at OFA's Ladies Night.  We played bunco until we just had to make ourselves stop.  It was so nice to see all of the new faces and familiar faces.  We had about 50 women there...WOW!  We had baked potatoes and the best desserts you could ask for!!  I took my camera to take pics of the event and do you know I got so wrapped up in talking and playing that I did not take a single pic?  Shocking, I know!!  I saw other people taking pictures.  I am hoping to maybe "steal" some of theirs. 

I know I mentioned on my blog yesterday about having to be in 3 or 4 places at the same time.  Well, about 4:30 yesterday, Drew's coach sent a text saying that they had cancelled the basketball game.  All of that planning and shuffling for nothing.  Bummer for Drew but yay for the family!  It sure made things a lot easier for all of us.  We now have a game scheduled for tonight, Thursday night and Friday night!!  Not to mention Saturday morning Pinewood Derby Car Races!  Drew is our busy one this week it looks like.

The kids FINALLY went back to school today.  I think they were ready to go back.  Five days of being home gets to them after a while.  Hopefully we will get our lives back to normal (what is that?) again soon and pray that is the last of the "ice storms" for this season.  A little snow doesn't hurt but Ice...GO AWAY!!


Loren said...

Sounds like a blast....I remembered before you sent your reply you all were c-ville DUH!! sometimes my brain...sheesh :)

Glad the night worked out and everyone survived and had fun....

Love you Valentines look too ~ surprised we didn't choose the same one this time LOL

Can't wait to hear what ya got up your sleeve!!!!

Love ya

Sheila said...

You are so funny! I can't wait to hear what you have up your sleeve this year! I am CLUELESS!
And ugh - the weeks where we have something EVERY night...they drive me insane - so I feel your pain there!