February 13, 2010

Valentine Plans a Bust!!

Well, I had great plans for our Valentine weekend and they are now no longer in effect.  What a bummer!!!  I completely messed up with scheduling.  I had thought that my daughter's retreat was to start on Saturday and go through Sunday.  When I started looking at schedules, I realized it didn't start until Sunday and go through Monday.  That completely messed up the plans I had made for Jeff and I.  Oh well!!!

Here's what I had planned:  I had a romance package reserved at a local four star hotel here in the area.  Along with that executive level room came a dinner reservation and breakfast the next morning.  Along with long stemmed rose, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in the room when you checked in. 

Instead, Jeff and I are going to get some sushi with friends tonight.  Then tomorrow we are going to go to the movies together after my daughter leaves for retreat.  The rest of the evening will just be whatever we want to do.  We will probably spend a little time out in Tulsa shopping.  Maybe this is actually what we need.  I did begin questioning spending the money on a hotel room package.  I guess all things work together for the good huh?  Trust me, there are other plans in the making for a little later.  I'll fill you in on that at another time.

What are your plans for Valentine?  Did they fall through or was it a success?  Can't wait to hear what other people have done!!

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Loren said...

We have had a wonderful drawn out celebration. We took a day this week and went to a movie and then lunch and then we made a couple of valentines crafts together...yep, he helped me and I loved it! Then on Friday we went to yet another movie and out to lunch again. We also had some quiet time at home without children which NEVER happens....It has been sooo wonderful and refreshing! If you know what I mean ;)

Hope you have a wonderful time together! Happy Valentines day my sweet friend