October 7, 2008

It's been a while!

WOW!! It has been forever since I have put anything on my blog. I need to get back in this habit. Was doing so well & then schedules collapsed in on me!
Still cheering on the weekends with Hannah (when she's here). We were at Stillwater last week!! What a time! OSU Football traffic and construction...can't beat that! We also went to the fair last Friday. We had so much fun. My kids love to go and eat all the food they want. They want to ride the rides so bad but, it really makes me so nervous! I don't trust those rides that go up and down all the time! I know that's probably an overprotective mother coming out in me but, I don't care!! I would rather them ride something at a stationary huge park than something that is torn down every few days!!
We got the opportunity to take the kids to see Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts at the new BOK Center. They had so much fun! We had FABULOUS seats!! That BOK center is so nice! Not a great picture but, it gives you an idea. I've got better ones to upload from my camera.
It was so nice to have Jeff back home. Feels like he is gone ALL the time!! I am getting really tired of all the traveling. He's here for a while, as far as I know, so I am content for now.
Hope all is well. Have a great week & weekend!! GO OU!!!!!!

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