October 21, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend & Week To Come

WOW! Another several days have blown by and I can barely remember what has been done! I have been redecorating the house. It is severely in need of updating. It has been so enjoyable to see new things in my home. It sure makes you develop a sense of pride for your home. We had quite a busy weekend. Friday & Saturday was youth convention and Hannah and a friend went on Friday night. They went out afterwards & didn't get home until about 1AM after having fun at Incredible Pizza. They were so tired, they were not even interested in getting up the next morning for another day! They slept in & enjoyed a somewhat lazy day at home. Hannah was invited to be a part of the Miss Route 66 pageant on Saturday evening. She was interviewed on stage about the Miss Oklahoma 2008 pageant that she was a part of and then she got to sing. She wanted to sing "Open the Eyes of my Heart". She was soooo nervous but, she did fabulous! This was her first time to sing in public (besides at church). She had a lady approach her afterwards with tears in her eyes saying how that touched her heart & it was her favorite song. That meant a lot to all of us! GOOD JOB HANNAH!!!
On Sunday we did the church thing while Jeff golfed & enjoyed a LOUD evening at McDonald's in the Play Place area with several friends & their children from church. That was a LOT of fun....a little LOUD but a LOT of fun!!
Once the week started, it was work & our usual night running around. I don't think I get a night at home until Thursday this week & then Friday & Saturday are more running around!!! Does it ever end??? It doesn't seem like it for me!
I hope all are doing well! Drop me a line sometime.

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