October 28, 2008

Cheer Weekend & birthday

We enjoyed a busy weekend with cheering & celebrating Caleb's birthday. Friday I found myself getting Caleb & shopping for his birthday present. He wanted a new DS Lite and he got that along with guitar hero & another air soft gun. He and a buddy of his are into the air soft gun thing. Not my favorite past time but, he enjoys it & it doesn't hurt as bad as paintball.
Saturday found us running around. We started our day by my wonderful husband getting up and bringing us donuts home. How sweet!! He thought of us! Then we went to his company's picnic at "The Lodge". His company's owner owns the most gorgeous place near the Arkansas border. We enjoyed our time there (limited) and drove over to a weigh-in at a fishing tournament that Jeff paid for. He didn't get to fish but, obviously wanted to be there for the weigh-in and prizes!! Later that evening we had a football game to go to. This was also the coronation ceremony.
This is Hannah's boyfriend. They were "going
out" at the beginning of the year but, then he broke up with her. After a few weeks, he asked her out again. What a trip!! This Jr. High stuff is so funny! Brings back memories!
On Sunday we all got up and went to church and ate lunch at IHOP. That's where Caleb wanted to go for his birthday. We all went different directions from there: Jeff golfed, Hannah went to TU for the game (she got to cheer with the TU cheerleaders at halftime) & the boys and I went home until it was time for Caleb to go.
Whew! It's over. Last night (needless to say) I didn't do much of anything. It's always pizza night on Mondays so, I didn't even have to cook. I started a liquid cleanse today so, I put something in the crock pot for the rest of the household. I won't be able to participate....SAD!! Hope all is well with all my family and friends!

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