September 8, 2008

Lazy Weekend

At least for me!! I really didn't do much of anything this weekend except take Hannah to a football game to cheer and go to church all day Sunday. That was it for me! Jeff, on the other hand, was kept very busy with rebuilding the structure under our home at the North corner. He bit off a little more than he wanted!! It took him FOREVER!!! I think he thought it would be a lot quicker & easier than what it was. Sunday, after church, we went to eat with our "usual" group. We all made plans to go to Shogun's to celebrate 3 of the guys' birthdays. There are 3 in our group that have birthdays at the end of September. Soooo, we already made plans and will have a dinner date with several friends & NO KIDS on the 20th. I am so excited & ready for good food from Shogun's. I'll have to make sure and get plenty of pics to post & share with you all! Really having a struggle today with the idea of being away from my kids & working. I go through this every few years. I go through a lot of guilt and wonder why I am working away from the kids. It's something that I deal with a lot more than I let on. We'll see what happens in the future! Who knows?? Well, enough of that! I'll get teary eyed if I keep on!!! Hope all is well with everyone! Till later!

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