June 5, 2009

Why do we go?

I had a wonderful evening at bunco last night with some of the greatest women I know! What fun. I tied "most buncos" with my pastor's wife and I also tied "most whoopies" with her. We decided to pool both envelopes of money & split them. I walked away with $20.00. After that another lady in the group opened her garage to us for a "pre" garage sale sale. ha-ha!! I spent the $20.00 on a chopper bike for my youngest boy! He's gonna be so excited!!
When I got home and went to bed, I couldn't shut my mind off. I've been doing a lot of soul searching recently & asking questions to myself. One question that pops up in my head over and over is Why do you attend the church you attend? Why that one? Why not another one?? What made you choose to go here? What do you get out of it? Do you go for yourself? Do you go for others? A lot of questions have just been swirling through my head. I want a deeper walk with God and I'm beginning to question everything I do in my life. Why do I do that? What purpose does it serve in my life?
Anyway, no worries...I'm not backsliding or not going to attend church. I'm just trying to understand why I do what I do. I want more!!!!! I want more of God. I want more depth. I want more ministry. My ground is shaking and with the down time (meaning no children talking in my ear all evening) that I have, I have a LOT of time to dwell on these things.
After leaving bunco and settling in for rest, I found myself wondering about other people with these same questions. Why do you attend church where you attend?? Is it because of family? Is it for a position? Is it because that's where you went all of your life? Just would be very interesting for me to hear from others on this issue. Like I said...JUST CURIOUS!! Trying to think through some things.
Sorry to ramble. I'm taking an English Comp II and our exercise this week was freestyle writing. That's when you just write for 5-10 minutes and never stop writing. If you get stumped just write down that you don't know what else to say & go on with another thought. It's actually been kind of a nice thing for me to discover. I did that last night in my head as I was trying to go to sleep...Thus all the questions.
Anyway, what's ya'lls take on this? WHY do we go??


Girly Muse said...

I go to my church because I love the spirit of worship that is there...I can go feeling down and after worshiping at church, I feel completely different.
Our pastor always preaches something that is exactly what I need to hear.
So, the combination of the two.

N. said...

I tagged you on my blog. Do it!

Anonymous said...

I must admit it has taken me years to get here...past "I go because my parents make me", "I go because that's where my friends are", "I go because that's what I've been taught", "I go because that's what I've always done". Now, I go because this is who I am. No matter what else happens, I want to be a Christian and live a life pleasing to God in all aspects.

Tamara said...

N. - YES MA'M!!!!!!

Tamara said...

Anonymous - Thank you for that!

Warren Baldwin said...

I go to the church I do b/c I am the minister and was called there. I guess I don't have the same slate of questions as my members do b/c I don't have the freedom to just pick another church. Although, I can decide to relocate.

In general, I worship b/c I believe God wants us to. Recently I have begun exploring worship as a function of gratitude. As recipients of God's mercy and grace, we have much to be thankful for!! Singing, communion and prayer are all ways of saying, "Thank you!"

When I remember this, I am not as bothered by a worship service that isn't as vibrant as I might like it to be. Whether the service is more traditional or contemporary, is an expression of gratitude.

My main blog is Family Fountain, which you visited one time. I have another one with longer articles on Bible topics, and I have several articles there on worship. If you care to read them, they are here:

Even if you visit there, please stop in at Family Fountain again.