June 9, 2009


Well, I did my blog duty and FINALLY put up a "survey" that I was tagged in. I've avoided them for a while, but now I did it!! Happy???? I don't know. I guess it does give me something to blog about! I've recently been dealt a few heavy blows. From schedules to not feeling "myself" to family medical's all just quite overwhelming at times! Even though I am kidless this month, I have found PLENTY to keep me occupied. I went to my Dr yesterday to follow up on my blood work & she told me I did too really? She suggested I cut a few things out. What in the world can I cut out?? I work, go to college, take care of my home and go to church. What of those can I cut out?? I don't think I can unless I give up on College AGAIN!! Not gonna happen this time. I am determined to get my degree. I may have to pay for it in fatigue and crankiness but, I'm gonna get it done! Anyway, other than's great! ha-ha Really, just feeling a little down and worried. I will climb up in a few days & get back on top of the mountain. My weight is becoming a big concern in my life. It's kind of overtaken me. I need to stop that and just focus on my vitamins and healthy eating habits. I do good for several days and then fall off the wagon. What is up with that? Chocolate seems to follow me around when I am eating healthy. It hides behind corners & cabinets!! LOL Hope everyone else out in bloggy world is having a great summer! Let me know about some of your healthy eating "tricks". Maybe I can gleem something from others!

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