June 9, 2009

Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy

OK, so my bloggy friend (and real life friend) Nicole tagged me on this survey. She sent over very harsh words "DO IT!!" Sooooo, out of fear, I am doing it.....nah!! 1. Shopping - don't know why...could do without it...would stop a lot of bickering in my house! 2. Planning - anything!! I get a high out of planning an event & seeing it through. 3. Other people's opinion of me. This is something that I have got to stop worrying about!! Is it unimportant?? YES!! Especially if they are people I don't really even know. Gotta make everybody happy!! 4. Along with Nicole, I get a high out of getting comments on my blog! I only have 3 blog friend so, I don't get many comments but when I do.....YIPPEEEE!!! 5. TV - I'm an addict.....there I said it! 6. Sleeping in! OK, I have been instructed to tag six people...HMMMMMM, lets see...only 3 people follow my blog & two of those were already tagged....Ya know, Loren may have already tagged Girly Muse. I haven't even checked.....sooooo, what now???

1 comment:

Loren said...

That Nicole is sooo bossy isn't she ;)

I haven't done this nor have I tagged Lori yet better hurry and get this done though!