April 28, 2009

Too Many Things Going On

I was trying desperately yesterday to blog about our weekend and my daughter's fear factor birthday party. No such luck!! My computer kept doing funny things and I couldn't get it done. I will have to try again once I get home. I could do it from work but, I didn't bring the pics with me. Got to have the pics for that one!! I stayed home all day yesterday. My daugher had an accident with the swingset late Sunday afternoon. Her toe got chopped up a little. You know how it is...metal is swinging too high...pole jumps up in the air...Hannah's toe goes under the HOLLOW pole before it lands...yeah, you can fill in the rest!! Needless to say, she was in a lot of pain for a short period of time. Urgent care was closed when it happened on Sunday so I chose to wait until Monday. I knew she would have to get a tetanus shot and the Dr. would want her on antibiotics. We did both of that plus got an x-ray. Nothing is broken but it looks like she will lose her toenail. She's much better today. Went to school like nothing had ever happened. I keep telling her to be careful and don't let anyone step on her toe...."Gosh Mom" is all I get from her when I say it. I guess I need to quit worrying and let her deal with it when OR if it happens. This week is proving to be very busy. I got soooo much accomplished in the house yesterday. It's about time!!! My house has been so severely neglected for way tooo long! I'm not done but feel so much better about what is done. My plans are to get the pics posted tonight on this blog so you all can see the LOVELY pictures!!

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