December 1, 2008


Bring on Christmas!!! It is officially December & we are winding down the end of our 2008 year. WOW have we come along way "baby"! Jeff and I and the kids just got back from Mississippi on Friday. We had a fabulous time with my family. We also took along my mother-in-law. I believe she enjoyed it. My mamaw wants to make sure she comes back again with us. They spoke a lot about how sweet she was! We came home a day or two early so we could get together with friends and watch the OU/OSU Bedlam game. That all came crumbling down. It's probably a good thing. While we were in Mississippi, a lot of people had the stomach flu/bug...whatever you want to call it. It hit me Saturday late afternoon! I couldn't fight it! I was really miserable. To the point where even Sunday, I still felt kind of blah. I hope the rest of my household doesn't get it. Anyway, I sat on the couch (in and out of sleep) watching the game all by myself! Jeff cooped up in the bedroom & watched the game, Hannah went to a friend's house to stay the night & the boys, well let's just say they entertained themselves for a long, long time with video games & bakugan battles!! Yeah! When I got home, I realized that I didn't take hardly any pics while I was there. Where was my head?? I have slowed down in my old age...ha-ha! Anyway, not much to show by way of pics but, I can put one up of my cute little nephew! He's a spit-fire! He's so cute though! Yesterday was our typical Sunday. Go to church, chill out at home for the afternoon & go back to church that evening. We spent another Sunday evening at McDonald's!!!!!!!! I sure enjoy watching the two sets of twins that go & play. They are so funny!! Well, Happy December! Get your shopping done early so you can fly through the month!

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