November 10, 2008


WOW! November is almost half over and I haven't put up a post in my blog since October!! That's terrible! Not much exciting happening in my life, I guess. We spent Halloween night at the church. Hannah decided to go with her friends to the football game so, Andrew and I went to the church for the fall festival. I sure enjoyed it there. No fighting crowds on the streets, no cars to run in front of, no scary doors to look at....just good, clean fun & friends to fellowship with. I wound up sitting the entire night....just about!! The only time I got up was to do a couple of cake walks, take a few pics and talk to a few friends I hadn't seen in a long long time. Other than that, a group of us sat at a table & talked! I LOVED IT!! Football is over for us! The 6th grade boys played their last game on October 4. They had an undefeated season & went straight into the play offs. The play offs were a single elimination. They lost on that Tuesday and were done for the season. It was so sad. The boys were all in a huddle at the endzone crying their eyes out. They worked so hard this season!! WAY TO GO 6th GRADE CARDINALS BLACK!! My dad is flying in today so, we will enjoy him being here for a week. The kids are ready to see their Papaw. He has been living in Florida since this summer. The kids were so bummed when he left! Time to spend quality time together & make up for the time lost. He'll be ready to leave by the end of the weeek!!! Trust me!! I have been redecorating my house. It was so outdated & needed a LOT of new things. I am so pleased with the results so far. My friend that's an interior designer has been assisting me with this!! She is so special to me! Hopefully it will be done before long. I don't think we have much more to do. It looks so good!! I'll have to take some pics & post it on here. I guess that's all I need to write right now. I will break for lunch & see what else my day holds for me!! God Bless!!

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