December 3, 2008

The Snowball Effect

We are half way done with the week and still do not have any of my Christmas put up (there's another friend of mine that said the same on her blog!!)! It's not that I don't want to, it's that there are so many things going on that I can hardly find a night at home to do it! That's what happens to me when I go out of town for Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving fell at such an awkward time with Monday being the 1st. It didn't give much of an opportunity after Thanksgiving to get things moving! Looks like I have to wait until Thursday to start. First I have to get all of my harvest things up in the attic.....YUCK!! Don't look forward to that!

Drew's first basketball game was last night. He sure enjoyed it. Unfortunately they lost 14-12 but, wow did those boys play a great game! I was actually impressed! I didn't think much would come of the points in this grade but, they sure held their own! It was such an exciting game! Forgot how much I like basketball! Especially at this age! Hannah thinks she wants to play basketball next year. We'll see. She doesn't strike me as the athletic type but, she may surprise me!

Monday night was a wonderful time with our Ladie's from church for our Annual Christmas Party. It was such good food and good fellowship! I enjoyed every moment I could! Last night was the ballgame, of course, and tonight is church. Another busy schedule!!! IMAGINE THAT! Like I stated earlier, I am hoping that Thursday we can get the decorations put out in the yard & in the house! Would be nice to sit back & enjoy that knowing the hectic schedule we have the rest of the week, weekend & weeks to come! Christmas just rolls on like a huge snowball!!

Hope all have a great time during these holidays!! Hope to see most of you!! Love ya!

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