January 11, 2011

Oh My Darlin' Clementine!!!!!!!

Oh Ya'll!!! I have another NEW favorite!! This is actually a new discovery for me.  I feel like such a dummy because this is soooo not something new to anyone but it is to me!!

I have a new addiction to:


Oh ya'll, I know this makes absolutely no sense to most of you, but let me try to explain.
I grew up eating fruit all the time.  I love all kinds of fruit.  The only fruit that I just couldn't handle were oranges.  If I ate oranges the lining in my mouth would immediately be ravaged by the acid.  I would have so many canker sores in my mouth that I truly gave up oranges and orange juice for life!  For some ODD reason I have a fascination with these tiny creations called Clementines.  My kids love all kinds of fruit and I thought I would buy these to put into my youngest's lunch box.  Something small and healthy and yummy for him!!  Well, after getting back from my toning class last night I was smelling the sweet orangey aroma and gave in.  I thought that being it was so tiny it wouldn't bother me!  I wound up having two last night and then having FOUR today before I could even leave work to go home!  I am in love love love!  They do not seem to have as much acid in them as a regular orange.  They are so little and cute and sweet yummy-o goodness!!  Can you tell I'm a foodie??

So, move over hubby.....there's a new fruit in my life!  Go get you some vitamin C!  haha


BARBIE said...

Oh aren't these the best? Out here in California, we have Clementines, and also a similar fruit called Cuties. I could eat 3-4 in one sitting. And my children love them because they can peel them all by themselves. No more oranges!

Sheila said...

ha! That's hilarious!! I see those at the store all the time but have never tried them - guess I better go buy some, huh?!