January 14, 2011

Foodie Friday

I made three NEW recipes last night.  I don't usually do that!!  My kids don't necessarily enjoy me trying new things.  They get set in their ways and like the recipes that rotate on a regular basis and THAT'S IT!  I'm going to share with you today those recipes.  They were all found on other blogs/recipe sites.

First of all, for dinner, we had Ranch Breaded Pork Chops, Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots and Mexican Corn. 

The Pork Chops were copied from a wonderful blog I follow called Mommy Hates Cooking.  You can find her recipe here. (her pork chops look better than mine...warning!)

Here's how mine looked:
I realized (after it was too late) that I didn't have bread crumbs so I crushed up corn flakes and mixed them with the ranch seasoning.  Turned out great!!

Next is the carrots.  I'm not a huge fan of cooked carrots but I stumbled on this great recipe at and my entire family just couldn't get enough of them!!  Check out the recipe here.

These are truly yummy!!

The corn was just from a can!  No creativity there!!! 

Last but soooo not least!  I had gotten a recipe from Amanda at another blog I follow (  She always has the greatest ideas, recipes and pictures to show on her blog!!  When I saw cookies made with Oreos, I knew I had to try them!! 

Check this out!!!:
The Dough! (edible by itself)
The cookies just out of the oven on the best cooking stone in the world!!! - Pampered Chef!

Cooling down on the cooling rack....oh I can't wait to eat these!!!

Aren't they gorgeous??

Ya'll they taste soooo gooood!!!!  I am not the photographer that Amanda is so I urge you to go to her website and look at the pics she took of her cookies. 

Now that I've made you all hungry, let's continue on the excitement!  I will be doing the drawing tonight for the Pillsbury Prize Pack that I blogged about several days ago.  I am HOPING I will make time tomorrow to post that information on here so, check back!  Along with that, I owe a drawing to a few of you for a $10 Target card.  That will be posted at the same time!! 

Good luck and go get your eat on!!


Doreen said...

Oh those cookies look delish Tamera!! :)purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

Sheila said...

oh my!! If i had carrots at home tonight I would be giving those babies a try!! They look divine! Actually it ALL looks good!!!