January 3, 2011

Goof Up and A Thought

I have officially accomplished my first goof of the year.  Three whole days in and I messed up!  WOW!  I had really wanted to make a galiant effort to blog daily and ... well if you read daily you can see that my post on the 1st was there but on the 2nd it didn't make it!  Bummer....BOO!

Oh well, life goes on right??

Here's a thought.  When I am in my bathroom getting ready, I have to have my radio turned on and blaring music!  Well, yesterday morning while getting ready for church and listening to the wonderful worship music, a short devotional commercial came on and made me truly ponder something.  Would you rather be a pringle
or a cheeto?? 

Yes, you read that correctly...haha.

The commercial continued to talk about how cool we (as kids) thought it was to get pringles chips.  Always cut perfectly, fit into an upright cylindrical container perfectly and always had the perfect crunch in every chip.  Compared to other chips that were not alike in any way.  He continued to correlate it to the world as we know it.  Would we be a world content with cookie cutter people that were the same in every shape and way and fit all together so nicely stacked into a cylindrical container OR do we want to be our own individual looking self thrown into a bag with other different looking chips.  I must say I laughed about it but then thought, how true!  We don't want to live in a cookie cutter world.  How boring it would be! 

The good Lord above knew what he was doing when he gave some this personality and others a different personality.  Some dark hair, some light, different colored skin, different heights and sizes.  We are a mish mosh world!!  I LOVE IT!  Individuality...we don't have to know that we are identical to the other "pringle" we pass by on the street....haha!

May you find God's abundant love in all you do today!

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